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  • November 28, 2017 5 min read

    I am pretty sure we all love our children, we all know that planning a kid’s birthday party at home can be tedious. However, seeing the genuine smile on a kid’s face also makes up for it. After all, birthdays are one of the most important events in one’s life, even for us adults.

    What we tend to overlook is that sometimes we forget what it’s like being a kid. As an adult myself, I also have a hard time thinking what a fun party for kids must look like. This includes even the smallest details of the party that we adults don’t really think of as significant.


    The Smallest Details Matter

    For instance, you might find yourself asking, which flavor of a cake should I get? How do I decide on the lineup of games? Should I invite clowns or party hosts?

    These are actually important questions we need to answer if we want the birthday party to be as fun as a birthday cake.

    I am proud to be Aussie and today, I will be featuring a simple guide to planning a kids’ birthday party at home or you can call the checklist for a kids birthday party. This will include a list of the things you might have to consider and take note of when planning. I am living in Brisbane, Australia but I hope basically they will be similar the same to everyone.

    Things That Will Matter to a Kid’s Birthday Party

    Planning a kid’s birthday party can get a little tedious, but there are ways on how to simplify it. Here are some of the most important things you might want to take note of:

    The theme for the team


    One of the most important things to consider when planning a kid’s birthday party would be the team. Is the celebrant a girl or a boy? Does she like a Barbie or a Disney themed birthday party? Is he fond of racing cars or robots? Is the theme apt for his/her age?

    Since the party you’re planning is for the celebrant and not yourself, avoid insisting on what you want.

    Don’t break the bank...

    Make sure to create a budget plan too. As much as we want to make the birthday party fun, we also want to avoid breaking the bank. You can start by categorizing all the party needs first. Then, allot budget per category.

    Don’t be afraid to research more on unconventional ways to spice up a kid’s birthday party to save up more money.

    Setting the date

    Ideally, a birthday party should be done on the birthdate itself. However, make sure to take note of the availability of your guests as well. You wouldn’t want to waste you're preparations having almost half of the guests unable to attend.

    Adjust accordingly if the birthdate itself seems to coincide with some holidays or other events that will affect the schedule of the guests.

    Home sweet home!


    Doing the birthday party at home also means that you have to prepare your house for the festivities that are about to happen. If you happen to have lots of figurines or fragile decorations, store them away first to avoid accidents.

    If you haven’t been mowing your lawn for months, clean up in advance. Especially if the party will be held outside.

    Who are the guests?

    Inform your guests and send out the invitations in advance. This will give you time to gauge how many people will be attending the party. Moreover, this will also let you know in advance if there will be some guests who might not make it.

    Good food for a good mood


    Are you cooking the food or ordering from a restaurant? Or will you be hiring a catering service? Whichever option you choose, be sure to serve kid-friendly foods. Remember, not all things we enjoy as adults are enjoyed by kids as well.

    Catering also a good option for you these days, it is fast and so convenient. Click to see some food ideas you might need

    Ordering the best birthday cake!


    The birthday cake matters. The decorations and layers of the cake can make or break the birthday party. Be sure to consult with the celebrant as to what flavor he/she wants. Even better, take him/her with you when you order the cake.

    If you are living in Brisbane (Australia) and looking for a birthday cake, can click here to go to the cake collection, Mr T's will cover a perfect cake for your children.

    All the lineups needed

    Plan out all the lineups needed. From the lineup of the events itself to the lineup of the games, make a schedule. This will help you avoid idle moments and going beyond the scheduled party time. Hiring a host or an emcee can help you stay on track.

    Article you may see

    End a good party with giveaways

    Don’t let your guests leave unappreciated. It is best to end a good birthday party with giveaways as a token of appreciation for their presence. After all, they took the effort to clear out their day and attend your kid’s birthday party.

    Game prizes and entertainment


    Game prizes and entertainment such as ball pits or face paint booths can help liven things up in the party. Not only will this help avoid idle moments, they also motivate the other shy kids to participate in the party.

    The clean-up strategy

    At the end of the birthday party, you will always need a cleanup strategy to save you the time and stress. Be sure to have your clean-up team to clear out all the festivities’ remnants.

    Or, you can prepare trash bags and disposable items beforehand to make the cleanup a tad bit easier.

    Decorations for celebrations

    Make sure that you're decorations are apt for the theme of the party. Planning out the party decorations carefully will also help you not to overspend. If you know what you're looking for and where to look for them, you will save up more time and money.

    Passion for fashion!


    Make sure the party girl or boy celebrates in style. Because the celebrant is the star of the day, it is important that he or she looks the part. However, make sure that the kid also likes what he or she is wearing. Remember that comfort is also an important factor.

    Musings on music

    Finally, the good background music is also an important part of a party. Although a soothing jazz music or piano instrumental sounds pleasing to the ears, is it really apt for the birthday party theme? Make it festive and lively!

    As The Party Ends...

    At the end of the day, we all know that the tedious planning is going to be worth it. The most important thing when planning a birthday party is to always include the celebrant. Remember, we might be tempted to decide on things based on what we feel is best.

    But just because we want the best birthday party for the celebrant doesn’t mean our preferences are the same. When in doubt, don’t be shy to ask your kid about his or her thoughts on things that matter. We wish you luck on this matter!

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