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  • Icing Or Fondant Birthday Cakes Are Popular In Brisbane?

    5 min read

    Icing Or Fondant Birthday Cakes Are Popular In Brisbane?

    Happiness in a Cake


    Cakes are an important part of almost any celebration in lots of cultures. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a congratulatory party, cakes seem to be popular. This is because cakes can make a person feel extra special!

    With cakes, just add a dedication for the celebrant and some candles to blow, then voila! You just spiced up his or her celebration. However, as some people might not know, there are different kinds of cakes. We have ice cream cakes, icing or fondant cakes, and even one (or two to three) tier cakes.

    I find out sometimes really hard for me to make some searching for the cake ideas to buy in Australia - I am living in Brisbane anyway, and that is why I am writing this article with the hope to bring you some ideas for birthday, event or for your children cakes,... But those are not just a cake’s purpose. A cake is not only a very cute way to express your appreciation for the celebrant, but also a delicious way to end the celebration with a sweet dessert. 

    It is very important to know which kind of cake best suits the celebrant. That is, aside from knowing what the celebrant’s preferences are. Because what’s a good cake if the celebrant doesn’t like it, right?  


    Today, we will be featuring a simple guide on how to tell the difference between an icing or fondant birthday cake. We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about these two kinds of cakes, so stay tuned!

    The Icing Birthday Cake

    What’s something that kids usually dig into with their hands? Or something you slap into faces during consequence games? Icing. Taking it literally from the name itself, icing birthday cakes use either buttercream or royal icing. 

    The icing is a very common decoration to a lot of cakes. Not only is it very light and fluffy, it is also very simple to make. And, if you’re a bit more creative, you would know that adding a bit of color to icing can make a big difference. 


    But like cakes, icing has also different types. For starters, icing is just usually made up of buttercream (or sometimes, whipped egg whites), powdered sugar and glaze. Depending on the consistency that you want, you can tweak these ingredients a bit. 

    Icing can actually be very versatile, because it can either remain soft or harden after drying. You can even use it for piping if you get a perfect consistency. Because icing is water-based, you can thin out its consistency by just simply adding water. 

    Moreover, it is also very easy to spread. But beware because icing dries very fast and has the tendency to dry up, harden, then crack. Which is why if you will be using icing on a cake, make sure it is not exposed to air for long periods of time. If you are living in Brisbane, I can recommend some of the cake ideas for your day. Or you can click here to go straight to the cake category. Mr T's delivery to most suburbs in Brisbane and all cakes can be ordered online.


    Minecraft cake. Click the image to see more


    Dog Prints Purple Cake. Click the image to see more


    Black and White Cake. Click the image to see more


    Round Purple with Butterfly Cake - Click the image to see more


    Rainbow cake - one of the Mr T's best seller. Click the image to see more details


    Star Wars cake - click the image to see more

    On the other hand, beware of moisture as well. Moisture can soften icing too much. Thus, it can change the consistency of the icing and spoil other decorations. Take into consideration the venue of the celebration and the amount of time the cake will be left uneaten. This is the case especially if you will be choosing the icing birthday cake. 

    Fond of Fondant Cake

    Unlike the icing birthday cake, fondant birthday cakes literally mean they are using fondant to decorate the cake, instead of icing.

    Fondant is also a type of icing. However, unlike the conventional buttercream or royal icing, the consistency of a fondant is soft and clay-like. It is also the type of icing used to make those cute edible shapes and flower decorations on cakes.

    In addition, fondants are used for covering up cakes as well. Covering up cakes (or fruitcakes) with fondant seals off air. This prevents drying and preserves the cake.  Although making a fondant is very simple and easy, store-bought ones can also be a good substitute.


    However, if you want a fondant with a different color and consistency, it is inevitable that you make one yourself. What’s really good about fondants is that, leftovers can be reheated over the stove and is good to use again.

    The most common fondant recipe (or flavor) used among cake designers would be the marshmallow fondant. This is because the flavor is very neutral, whatever the cake flavor is. Keep in mind though, fondants are not as easy to work with as the conventional icing. 

    Unlike icing which has a consistency you can change by simply adding water, this is not the case for fondants. You might have to make fondant from scratch if you want to alter its consistency.  You need enough patience and practice to perfect fondants. 


    If you will be choosing a fondant birthday cake, make sure to take note of the fondant flavor. Will the celebrant like the fondant flavor? Do you like the consistency and color of the store-bought fondant cake? If not, would it be better to make one yourself?

    These are just some of the things to consider should you be choosing a fondant cake! 

    Despite All the Sweetness

    Again, cakes are a nice addition to any celebration or event. But on the practical side, choosing the best cake for a celebrant is not just about flavors and appearances. There are actually a number of things you might have to consider. 

    Do not be afraid to consult the cake shop where you will be buying. Most often than not, cake designers are willing to answer all your questions. This is much more better than pretending to know and second-guessing things.

    Personally, I think fondant cakes are more ideal. Especially if it will be left uneaten for longer periods of time. It also lasts longer regardless of the venue because the fondant preserves the cake, both in quality and appearance.


    However, if you feel like it’s a safer option for you to use icing, then go through with the icing cake instead. In addition, be sure to know the preference of the celebrant first. At the end of the day, choosing between icing or fondant birthday cake depends on the preference of the celebrant.

    And that is it. I hope you can easily to choose the cake now, all the best!

    Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen

    Annie is the Content Copywriter for Mr T’s Bakery. We make Brisbane business catering easy. With endless variety, exciting menus and an easy to use online platform, keep everyone on track with great food! Placing orders online just in minutes.

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