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Brisbane Fresh Salad Catering

A salad makes a handy dish for your party, working lunch, corporate breakfast, and other occasions. Mr T’s Bakery offers salad catering in Brisbane, whether you’re having a snack with some salad or you are eating it alone, you will find our salads delicious, nutritious, and tasty. Give your group or family a simple, but sophisticated treat by bringing them a pot or box of salad. We will deliver salad for your breakfast meeting, team events, office training meetings, working lunches, and team lunches. We also deliver salad for your party whether a birthday party, a graduation party, an anniversary, a wedding party, hen’s party, and the like. Our salads are made using fresh local ingredients to ensure you get a fulfilling, healthy dish for your event.

Either a big box for share or individuals, we all make it. Now let's pick your favorite salad and just a few steps ahead to complete an order. Choose delivery/pick-up at check out, fill out your details, then make payment online, we take care of the rest.

Salad Box For Any Special Dietary Requirements

  • Prepared by our skilled-chef, every salad box will be a perfect combination of lettuce, veggies, proteins with many different sauces. One more thing is that salads quickly pass many tricky special requirements such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and more.


Do we offer salad catering for offices?

  • Yes, we offer salad catering to workplaces, including offices, lounges, and gardens. When you want your workers to push harder and accomplish a task or finish a pending order of your client, you can throw them some treats to motivate them. A salad makes a perfect choice when presented the right way with quality, fresh ingredients. We will prepare and deliver salad for your working lunches, team lunches, picnics, get-togethers, breakfast meetings, corporate parties, workshops, and other events. This way, you are sure that the workers will have a bite as they go about their partying or work.

Where can I get salad catering in Brisbane?

  • If you’re looking for a quality salad catering service in Brisbane, Mr T’s Bakery is your best companion. At Mr T’s Bakery, we have a highly-skilled who will make your salad appealing and looking great. We know how to present salad and make it alluring and sumptuous. We offer salad catering to different locations in Brisbane.

What salad catering options are available?

Mr T’s Bakery brings you different types of salads. From vegan to gluten free and to a chef’s salad, we will prepare your dish as you want. Our vegetarian salad features assorted vegetables including tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, fresh onions, fresh spinach, road pumpkin, and many more ingredients. Our chef is highly creative and will apply the art of making salads to make sure you get a truly tasty and nutritious salad. We also offer vegan salad for those who are sensitive to dairy products. Our chef salads feature ingredients like egg slices, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber.

Contact us today to find our salad options for your event or your family. We cater to families in Brisbane, so if you are hosting a family party, you can get in touch with us to tell us what salad you want. We do salad as a side dish or alone. Brighten up your table today by ordering our quality, specially prepared salads from Mr T’s Bakery.

  • Depending on the number of people, you can have a big box or small packs for individuals. Salads for catering allow you to spruce up the experience of your family or workers. It gives you a special moment to bring your crew to the top of your taste buds as they explore our tasty salads. A healthy, fresh, and delicious salad is easy to combine with our sandwich platter and other food platters.

Salad Catering Order In 5 Steps



Have a look at our salad catering menu, click over a share or individual salad box you wish.



Choose the box size (for shared platter, we have small and large), then choose the quantity, the total price will dynamically change.



Cart pop-up, choose continue shopping or go to check-out page to finish.



_Choose pick-up/delivery.

_Choose date and time

_We delivery to all Brisbane suburbs around



-Fill your details and make secure payment online.

Woo hoo, now check your e-mail for a confirmation and you can download a tax receipt as well !!!!

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