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  • How To Stay Productive At Work

    5 min read

    How To Stay Productive At Work

    Had you experience the need to do more but ends up not accomplishing anything? Maybe you are stuck with workloads that you can’t find a way to even finish any of them? We thought of being busy on something will get us to finish a certain task but in reality, we end up not finishing anything at all. That could be frustrating. Well, being productive isn’t easy. In this digital era where the focus is hard to achieve, it is also impossible to get the work done without distractions. Productivity in a workplace is essential because it measures your efficacy on a certain task that gives a positive output for growth and value on your work.

    Boosting productivity goes beyond doing the to-do list or focusing on more work by drowning yourself to caffeine. It’s maximizing your time with lesser work and more outputs. How can you attain the peak of productivity so you can free yourself with stress-related work and have more time on things that matter most? Here are some tips that you can work on to stay focused while guaranteeing that you get the work done in less time.

    1. Make mornings more important

    What you do first thing in the morning matters a lot. One of the biggest productivity slayers is checking your phone or laptop for emails and browsing through social media. Give yourself a favor and make mornings great by focusing on yourself. Start your day doing a little meditation by thanking the universe for a great day ahead. Have a relaxed morning by eating healthy breakfast such as fruits like bananas, oats, eggs, yogurt, and green smoothies. These healthy foods release energy that you need to keep up with your busy day.


    2. Exercise daily

    Physical activity can have a good impact on your health. Get up from your desk and do some stretching or go for a walk while on lunch break. It clears the mind from stress and a breather from your monotonous work. It will give you a boost on energy when you return to work that will let you stay focus and be productive.


    3. Get outside

    Clean air and a ray of sunshine will greatly benefit you especially if you are confined in the four walls of your office that relies on air conditioning. Inhaling fresh air increased oxygen in your body that is good for your lungs. It will supercharge your body with energy and gives clarity to your mind.


    4. Plan the time for email checking

    As mentioned, emails kills productivity. Study shows that 28% time is spent per workweek on emails and that translates to 11 working hours per week. While emails are a good tool meant for productivity, it has become a distraction for most people that prevent them from getting things done on more important work. To make it easier on you, try to schedule a time on checking and replying on your email. Stick to that schedule so you won’t be tempted once you hear a beep on the notification. This will also ensure that you are not bound for other people’s demands and requests and can stay focus on attending the most important things of the day.

    5. Limit your time on social media

    Just like emails, the use of social media is a big distraction that can affect your productivity. For how many times do you check your FB whenever a notification beeps on? Or how much do you spend browsing on your Instagram feed whenever you get bored. It could be tempting to check on your newsfeed and get hook on it while working and eventually jeopardizing your productivity. While it’s good to know what’s going on around the world using these social media platforms, it also trues that a lot is lost in spending more time on them. So, be sure that you also schedule a certain time to check on your social media accounts and spend minimal time in doing that so you won’t get off track on your productivity goals for the day.

    6. Get things done one thing at a time

    Though some work can be overwhelming at times, it is still advisable to try to concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Doing multitasking may seem the best solution when you are bombarded with a lot of work but in reality, it only results in slowing down productivity. You will never get anything done because you won’t be able to focus properly. The key is to start and finish a task before moving on to another task otherwise it will be hard for you to finish anything at all.

    7. Avoid noisy background

    whether you work in an office or working at home, you need to cut off noisy background while working. It takes away your concentration on the task you are doing and kills off your productivity. Soothing music is good to combat for loud backgrounds. It was found out that calming music can stimulate the brain for better focus and concentration. So, if you are one those people that appreciate relaxing soothing music, take advantage of its calming effect while you work.


    8. Keep phone calls short

    Answering phone calls can also contribute to lost productivity because it consumes a lot of time. To avoid long conversation from clients, suppliers, and even to your office mates is to practice answering their queries directly without beating around the bush. You can also activate the voicemail on your phone and explain that you are currently unavailable but will get back to them later in the day.


    9. Keep your workspace tidy

    Since you will be spending a lot of time working in your desk or cubicle, keeping your workspace tidy can have an impact in generating productivity. An organized workspace can make you function well and keep your best foot in performing your task for the day. Make it your habit to clean your workspace after you finish your task or leave the office.


    10. Sleep well

    After a long and tiring productive day, getting a well-rested sleep will rejuvenate your brain to take on another challenge the next day. Avoid going out on weeknights with friends or overworking by taking too much overtime at work. Those are counterproductive and can have a bad effect on your body. Sleep should be a priority because it plays a vital role in your overall well-being. It promotes concentration and productivity.

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