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  • December 07, 2017 4 min read 1 Comment

    Christmas is such a festive and joyous season. It is easily one of the happiest holidays of the year. It is an occasion to fill your stomach with food, and to receive all kinds of gifts from loved ones.

    Every part of the world has its way of celebrating Christmas. Each country has something unique to offer. Certainly, Christmas in Australia is an experience you don’t want to miss.


    ‘Tis the Christmas Season in Australia

    Once December rolls in, pretty much all households celebrating Christmas in Australia will have Christmas trees. The surroundings will be filled with blossoms of Christmas plants such as Christmas bells and orchid. There’s simply an excitement in the air.

    However, unlike what you are used to, Christmas in Australia is slightly different. There are still food and gift-giving, but some elements are just not the same. But, trust me, these new things are something you’ll be happy to experience and try.

    Christmas: A History


    Christmas is a long-held tradition common to the Catholic practice. In fact, the Catholic Christmas is what we are accustomed to. Every eve of the 24th of December, we have a gathering with our family to eat food and share gifts.

    December 25 is believed to be the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the promised savior based on Catholic teachings. The idea of giving gifts and preparing food for festivity came from the story in the Bible. This story is about the celebration of his birth.

    So, Christmas is not just a simple holiday. It is actually one of the most sacred days, especially for those who practice Catholicism. This idea of a savior being born is what makes the holiday feel magical and special.

    Don’t Expect a White Christmas in Australia


    Much of the Christmas songs we know talk about how cold the weather is during December. The decorations in our house are covered with snow. Even Santa Clause wears a thick set of clothes because it’s too cold delivering gifts at night.

    But in Australia, Christmas is a summer. Forget about snow and rain, or even cold gusts of wind. Leave your winter jacket at home, because the temperature can range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius.

    Because it is the early start of summer in the southern hemisphere, not only Brisbane where I live but also most Australians prefer to spend the holidays outdoors. Australia is famous for a lot of its beaches. So, during December, you will see a lot of families going down to the beach.

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    Traditions During Christmas in Australia


    Aside from going to the beach, here are some of the famous traditions during Christmas in Australia:

    • Carols by Candlelight is one of the highlights of the Christmas season in Australia. Big concerts are held in big convention centers. Some of the most notable is the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, and Carols in the Domain.
    • Christmas season is also an event for Boxing Day. It is a day when Australians box gifts for their workers. But then, it also became a day to watch the cricket match and have barbecue party with family friends.
    • Some families also follow the Irish tradition of lighting a large candle on Christmas Eve. The father sets this up by the window to ‘welcome’ Jesus Christ. The youngest in the family lights up the candle

    Food to Complete Christmas in Australia


    Restaurant and bakery in Brisbane are the most 2 busy platforms I can see during these days. As always, food is one of the most important parts of Christmas celebration. Australia is certainly not one to be left behind in that department. In fact, here are some of the catering food ideas you don’t want to miss during Christmas in Australia

    1. Cold turkey and ham are go-to food for Christmas. Since the summer already started, people no longer have time and patience for roasts.
    2. Christmas ham is also a common sight during Christmas in Australia. This ham is often glazed with maple, apricot, or honey. Of course, it will not be complete without baked apple or cranberry sauce.


    1. Seafood is also a must during Christmas in Australia. After all, it is a summer and the ocean is filled with a good catch. A holiday is simply not complete without shrimps as appetizers.

    Christmas in Australia is also not complete without pastries and Christmas cakes to choose from. You might be familiar with some of them, but of course, they have some Australian twist:

    • Every table must have a Christmas fruit cake. This special cake is traditionally darker in colors and has a variety of flavorings. There should be a hint of ginger, cinnamon, cherry glazes and sultanas to complete the taste.


    Bar Fruit Cake


    Fruit Cake With Pecan

    • Every Australian family’s table should have the Pavlova. The Pavlova is a type of dessert made of meringue, with its center as soft as a marshmallow. It should be covered with whipped cream and fruits.
    • Some of the famous pastries during Christmas in Australia are fruit mince pies and gingerbread. Mince pies are typically filled with almonds and citric flavors (lemon, orange, etc.). Meanwhile, gingerbread is a cookie shaped like a house.


    A Different Kind of Christmas


    From the summer weather to food and tradition, Australia has a unique kind of Christmas. It is a time of getting together for most families to celebrate a holiday. But it is also a time to showcase a country’s culture.

    It may be a hot season, but it’s certainly not warm enough to beat the spirit of celebration. While the place matters in such a joyous occasion, the experience is what you are mostly after.

    Nonetheless, a Christmas in Australia should be a pretty fun and unique thing to try!

    If you need the quality caterer in Brisbane for this Christmas, do not hesitate to contact Mr T's Bakery, we got varieties menu options for your family this perfect time of the year.

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