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  • Why Do Children Love Super Hero Cakes For Their Birthdays?

    4 min read


    A long time ago, birthdays are celebrated with a cake topped with buttercream icing and a written ‘Happy Birthday’ message. Nowadays, happy birthday cakes come in different shapes, sizes, and styles – including Super Hero cakes.


    But, what makes these a popular choice for children’s birthday cakes? Today, we’ll show you why children love super hero cakes!

    Superheroes as the latest cake decoration trend


    Themed cakes are nothing new in the cake decoration industry. Many cake decorations are inspired by movie characters, such as Disney Princesses or Transformers. But, this is the first of superheroes.

    As the cake decoration industry becomes more popular, hero-themed cakes appear in more birthday parties. The cakes appeal popularly among child birthday celebrants since kids make up a large portion of the fanbase.

    Why children love it


    So, what if children like super heroes? What is the connection between these characters and the cake? Well, if you want to understand why children love superhero cakes, you have to understand why they love the characters in the first place.

    My Super Hero Childhood

    In my childhood, I would eagerly wait for Teen Titans or The Powerpuff Girls on T.V. I loved seeing them bust their moves and put the bad guys in prison at the day’s end. It was impossible for me not to like them, even if they aren’t real.

    Reflecting on those memories, I point out three things that make superheroes so loveable to children. One, they have cool powers. Two, they are the good guys. And three, they are great role models.

    Superpowers are an important factor to the likeability of a hero to children. Seeing these awesome characters fly through the sky or lift heavy objects amazes kids! Who wouldn’t, when in your kid live all you want to be is extraordinary?

    In addition, what makes these guys stand out from super villains is the goodness in their hearts. No kid wants to be a dark, broody, red-masked guy who wants to destroy the world! They want to be the dashing fellow with the shield of justice, who is out to save the day!

    But, what really catches children’s hearts is the inspiration that a hero gives them. Superheroes can be good moral examples for children. I remember wanting to be Batman, so I studied hard to be smart like him.

    What makes a superhero cake so special?

    Since we all know now why children love them, what makes a super hero cake so special? Is it the decoration, the flavor, or the occasion? Here are the five reasons why children love these action-packed cakes!

    1. Children adore them

    We already know that children are avid fans of the likes of Superman, no matter the age or gender. But, what makes them love such cakes as much as they love the characters? Simple. As fans, they want anything that has their superhero on it.

    Fans love collecting things that are associated with their idols. Be it mugs, shirts, or figurines – they want to catch them all. That also applies to kids. Since they are fans, they want to have things associated with their role models, including cakes.

    2. The cakes look awesome


    Spiderman Birthday Cake, click here to see product details and order

    These cakes are not called ‘super’ just because of the hero on top. It is also because they look amazing! Take a look at this Batman cake!

    If you had a cake like that in your kid’s birthday party, it’s sure to make their party more fun!

    3. Children get a say on what their cake looks like


    I remember receiving my seventh birthday cake. It was a sheet cake with light brown buttercream icing, sugar flowers, and a ‘Happy Birthday!’ sign. The cake tasted okay, but my seven-year-old self-was disappointed about how it looked. I expected more.

    With hero-themed cakes, on the other hand, the children get to choose the cake’s appearance. Be it a Superman-theme, or a mix of the Avengers – it’s up to the kids to decide. And that gives them more joy than any normal birthday cake.

    4. It makes their birthday even more incredible!


    Crime-fighting cakes are the final ingredient to make the perfect, super birthday! With a cake like this, you can throw your child the best superhero-themed party! Children can dress up as their favorite characters and win prizes from action-packed games!

    And most of all, your child can be their favorite superhero on their most special day!

    Are these cakes only for boys?

    A common misconception of these cakes and themed parties is that they are only for boys. Since their movies are full of action and crime, many parents think that it’s a guy thing. But they’re not!


    Girls can like them too! There are many female super heroes who are strong, independent, and great role models for your child. We have Wonder Woman, Starfire, and – the newest and youngest Marvel character– Moon Girl!

    So, to say super hero cakes and parties are only for guys is wrong. You can throw your daughter a birthday bash with this theme, and she will surely love it!

    A Grand Cake for a Special Day

    It is no wonder why children love superhero cakes. Children them, so they will love their cakes even more! I hope this article tells you why these cakes are so special for children’s birthdays.

    Remember, to get the best of your kid’s birthday, getting the best cake is the first step. And what could stand against the mighty cake of a hero?

    If you found this article informative, don’t forget to comment your thoughts below! Also, you might want to share this with your friends. Their kids might benefit a lot when their birthday is close by! Again, thank you and good luck!

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    Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen

    Annie is the Content Copywriter for Mr T’s Bakery. We make Brisbane business catering easy. With endless variety, exciting menus and an easy to use online platform, keep everyone on track with great food! Placing orders online just in minutes.

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