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  • How to Celebrate Christmas in July Australian Style

    9 min read

    Christmas In July Australia

    Curious about Christmas in July, Australian edition? This guide lays out how Aussies celebrate a frosty Christmas in their winter month of July, blending traditional festivities with a local twist. Discover how to join in the fun with activities and events tailored to embrace the Australian winter, and learn how to bring this unique holiday experience into your home or community.

    Christmas In July - Key Takeaways

    • Christmas in July in Australia is a blend of traditional winter festivities and unique Australian elements, celebrating Christmas with winter activities like skiing and including local décor like Australian-themed Christmas paper.
    • Australians have created their own spin on the tradition, adding Summer Santa attire and songs like ‘Six White Boomers’. It’s celebrated with a mix of typical Christmas foods and Aussie favorites like seafood BBQs and pavlova.
    • Christmas in July is celebrated at home by adopting Australian-themed Christmas decorations, engaging in warm activities like movie nights with hot drinks, and maintaining the Christmas spirit through generosity and traditional music.

    When is Unique Australian Christmas in July Traditions?

    Now, let’s dive into some unique Australian Christmas in July traditions. While the concept of Christmas in July originated from northern hemisphere expats, Aussies have made it their own, celebrating it on the 25th of July, and this tradition, known as Yulefest, has been growing in popularity over the years.

    australian christmas in july festivals

    The celebrations give Australians a chance to experience the holiday in cold weather, akin to a typical Northern Hemisphere Christmas. Families and friends come together to spend Christmas day enjoying a traditional dinner complemented by cozy log fires, embracing Australian Christmas traditions. And while gift-giving practices vary, many choose to participate in Kris Kringle exchanges or contribute to charity as a way of celebrating.

    The Magic of Christmas in July in Australia

    Many Aussies have come to embrace the Christmas in July tradition, adapting the festive occasion to their winter season. What started as a longing from northern hemisphere expats to experience Christmas in a winter setting similar to their homelands, has now become a worldwide celebration enjoyed by various communities, including those in Australia.

    This unique phenomenon is not just about emulating the winter charm of a traditional Christmas. It’s about integrating Australian elements into the festivities, creating a unique blend that only amplifies the magic of the celebration. From snowy landscapes to Aussie-flavored decorations, Christmas in July in Australia is a joyous blend of tradition and local flair.

    Winter Wonderland Down Under

    In July, Australians don’t have to dream of a white Christmas. They can experience a winter wonderland in regions such as Thredbo or Perisher, known for their snowy landscapes during this period. Skiing with Santa, anyone? And it’s not just about the snow. Some other activities you can enjoy include:

    • Snowboarding
    • Snowshoeing
    • Ice skating
    • Building snowmen
    • Having snowball fights

    So, if you’re looking for a unique winter experience, head to Thredbo or Perisher in July.

    The Blue Mountains in New South Wales take full advantage of their wintry July weather by hosting Yulefest, a winter celebration that includes everything you associate with Christmas - traditional activities, festive meals, and if you’re lucky, even snowfall. It’s a winter wonderland, Aussie style!

    Embracing Aussie Flair

    Australians have a knack for adding their unique touch to every celebration, and Australians celebrate Christmas in July, sometimes referred to as July Christmas, is no exception. The festivities are adorned with Australian-themed decorations, adding a distinct Aussie flair to the occasion.

    Imagine gifts wrapped in luxury Australian-themed paper, adorned with green and gold ribbons and sprigs of wattle. Picture festive koalas, jolly roos, and kookaburras joining in the celebrations. These unique Australian touches not only enhance the festive decor but also infuse a sense of local pride and identity into the Christmas in July celebrations. Sending Christmas cards with these Australian themes can further spread the joy of the season.

    Creating Your Own Christmas in July Festivities

    Now that we’ve explored the magic of Christmas in July in Australia, how about bringing some of that festive cheer into your own home? Whether you’re a true-blue Aussie or simply looking for a unique way to celebrate, here are some ideas to create your own Christmas in July festivities.

    home celebrate christmas in july

    Start with a festive feast. Mix traditional dishes like slow-roasted lamb and steamed pudding with Australian favorites like grilled prawns. Complement the meal with a gourmet snack hamper and you’ve got yourself a Christmas in July dinner to remember. Add a dash of creativity with a party theme, such as Winter Wonderland, Red and Green Carpet, or Grinchmas, and you’re all set to recreate the Christmas atmosphere in July.

    Festive Feast with an Australian Twist

    Every celebration is incomplete without a grand feast, and Christmas in July is no exception. This is your chance to create a unique festive feast, blending traditional Christmas dishes with Australian favorites.

    Consider a BBQ with seafood or a pavlova for dessert, both quintessentially Australian. Add some local gourmet products like Black St. Gourmet Black Truffle Paste and Kangaroo Island Garlic Flakes from a Foodies Hamper or sweet treats from the Sweet Bites Hamper. If you’re a wine enthusiast, a Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper featuring Mr Riggs McLaren Vale Shiraz and a selection of nuts, tapenades, and quince paste could be the perfect addition to your feast.

    And of course, don’t forget the traditional winter festivity foods like steaming puddings and roasted meats to truly capture the spirit of Christmas in July.

    Fun and Games, Aussie Style

    What’s a party without some fun and games, right? And when it comes to celebrating Christmas in July, Aussies know how to keep their guests entertained.

    How about a round of Christmas Karaoke featuring timeless hits like Jingle Bells and modern classics like All I Want for Christmas is You? Or perhaps a game of charades with a festive twist. And why not end the night with the ultimate backyard camping experience, complete with s’mores and marshmallows for a cozy atmosphere?

    These Australian-themed games and activities are sure to make your Christmas in July celebrations, a perfect alternative to summer holidays, even more engaging and entertaining.

    Christmas in July Events and Destinations

    If you’re thinking of stepping out and joining the community in the celebrations, you’re in luck. Australia offers a diverse array of Christmas in July celebrations, from snow-laden festivities to European-style markets, catering to a variety of winter holiday experiences.

    For snow enthusiasts, visiting snowfields like Thredbo or Perisher is an excellent option. Here, skiing Santas are a common sight, adding to the festive spirit. Festivals like Port Adelaide’s Winterfest and Winterworld in Fremantle feature ice-skating rinks, winter markets, and live entertainment to emulate the festive winter atmosphere.

    And then there are unique events like Sovereign Hill’s Winter Wonderlights and the Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains’ month-long Christmas celebration which offer activities like faux snow falls, projection shows, festive buffets, and Santa Claus appearances.

    Yulefest in the Blue Mountains

    One of the most popular celebrations is the Yulefest in the Blue Mountains, which takes place around Christmas Eve, an official holiday. This winter celebration is all about traditional dinners, fireside carol singing, and visits from Santa, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Many venues offer unique experiences like large private collections of teapots, historic dining halls, and ballroom celebrations with live music. Events during Yulefest include carolers, pipe bands, and the possibility of snow, adding to the traditional Christmas atmosphere.

    What’s more, you can even opt for accommodation and dining packages, offering multi-night stays with festive dinners and additional experiences like cave tours.

    Canberra's Christmas in July Festival

    If you’re in the capital city, don’t feel left out. Canberra hosted a Christmas in July winter festival in 2023, offering a range of festive activities and experiences during the Australian winter. Some highlights of the festival include:

    • Ice-skating
    • Snow play
    • Winter markets
    • Live entertainment

    There’s something for everyone in the family.

    Santa in Summer Gear

    One unique aspect of Christmas celebrations in Australia is the depiction of Santa Claus, sometimes referred to as Father Christmas. Instead of the heavy winter clothing typically associated with Santa, in Australia, he’s often seen in warm-weather clothing, reflecting the country’s climate during December.

    With Christmas celebrations frequently held at the beach, Santa’s attire typically includes lighter gear suitable for the summer heat. This warm-weather depiction of Santa is a fun twist on the traditional image and perfectly encapsulates the Australian spirit of adapting global traditions to local realities.

    How To celebrate Christmas in the office

    christmas in july office decorations

    If you’re wondering how to bring Christmas in July to your workplace, we’ve got some tips for you:

    1. Start with the decorations. Transform your office space into a festive wonderland with Christmas themes.
    2. Dress up your workspace with Christmas lights, tinsel, and a Christmas tree.
    3. Don’t forget the Christmas music to set the festive mood.
    christmas catering in office

    Food is an essential part of any celebration, and Christmas in July is no exception. Organize a corporate lunch with finger food and make sure to include dishes with red and green colours to stick to the Christmas theme. You can also plan fun office activities like a Christmas-themed quiz or a secret Santa gift exchange to keep the festive spirit alive.

    Tips for Celebrating Christmas in July at Home

    Celebrating Christmas in July at home can be just as exciting as any outdoor event. Here are some tips to help you create a festive atmosphere at home. Start with the decorations. Australian-themed decorations that evoke the spirit of a traditional Christmas can transform your home into a Christmas wonderland.

    Use Pinterest for inspiration and take advantage of sales throughout the year to economically prepare for a memorable Christmas in July celebration. Consider additional tips such as preparing seasonal treats and engaging in winter activities that complement the unique experience of Christmas in July.

    Decorating with an Australian Touch

    When it comes to decorating for Christmas in July, consider adding an Australian touch. Incorporate native Australian plants such as Christmas bells, Christmas Bush, and Christmas tree into your christmas decorations for a festive look that’s unique to Australia. Additionally, using christmas trees as a centerpiece can enhance the overall festive atmosphere.

    Use ornaments featuring Australian wildlife, potentially depicted in summer scenes, to give an authentic Australian touch to the celebrations. Blend winter and summer motifs by adopting decorations like starfish instead of angels on the Christmas tree, creating a seasonal fusion that reflects the Australian context.

    Keeping the Festive Spirit Alive

    Keeping the festive spirit alive during your Christmas in July celebrations is essential. One way to do this is by serving warm beverages like mulled wine and hot cocoa to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere.

    Here are some popular activities for keeping the Christmas spirit alive:

    • Organize a movie night with hot chocolate and popcorn
    • Maintain the spirit of generosity through volunteering during the festive period
    • Listen to Christmas music that tells the story of Jesus’ birth to remember the holiday’s significance all year round.


    In conclusion, Christmas in July in Australia is a unique and vibrant celebration that offers a refreshing twist on traditional Christmas festivities. From snow-laden landscapes to Aussie-themed decorations, winter feasts to engaging games, Christmas in July is a testament to Australia’s knack for creating unique and memorable celebrations.

    Whether you’re celebrating at home, in the office, or at a public event, the spirit of Christmas in July is all about embracing the festive cheer amidst the winter chill. It’s an opportunity to experience the magic of Christmas with a distinct Aussie flair and create memories that last a lifetime. So, this July, why not join in the festivities and experience the magic of an Australian winter Christmas?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Christmas in July in Australia and When?

    25th of July, Christmas in July in Australia is a celebration where Australians can experience a winter Christmas atmosphere during their winter season in July. It was started by northern hemisphere expats who wanted to feel the holiday vibes of a winter Christmas.

    How is Christmas in July celebrated in Australia?

    In Australia, Christmas in July is celebrated with festive meals, games, and events that incorporate unique Australian elements and adapt traditional Christmas activities to the winter season. It's a fun way to experience a winter Christmas down under!

    Why is Santa Claus depicted in warm-weather clothing in Australia?

    Santa Claus is depicted in warm-weather clothing in Australia because December is summer there, so it reflects the country's climate during the Christmas season.

    What is 'Six White Boomers'?

    'Six White Boomers' is a Christmas song written by Rolf Harris in 1960, telling the story of Santa Claus using six large, white kangaroos called 'boomers' to deliver presents in Australia. It's a festive and fun song that has become popular during the holiday season.

    How can I celebrate Christmas in July at office?

    You can celebrate Christmas in July at workplace by creating a festive atmosphere with Australian-themed decorations, preparing a festive feast with a mix of traditional and Australian catering dishes, and engaging in winter activities like movie nights and games. Have fun!

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