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  • Christmas Cake Every Australian Will Have

    5 min read


    Just as in any other celebrations, your Christmas meals are sure to become more special when you have a Christmas cake to end your night with. However, there are an array of choices which you can choose from.

    This said we all know how tough it is to find the best Christmas cake that is perfect for the family. Meaning, something that everyone will enjoy. Because every family member has their own preference. But don’t worry!

    There are ways on how to narrow down your options and choose efficiently. Whether you are unsure of the flavor, type, or size, it all boils down to sufficient knowledge about cakes (which you’re sure to have after reading this article).

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    Choosing Your Christmas Cake


    For instance, if you’re celebrating in Australia, what are the Christmas cakes every Australian will have? Among all those cakes, what is the most neutral in flavor that everybody can relate to? Is it mocha? Chocolate? Or red velvet?

    Is anybody allergic to yeast? Or wants something egg or gluten free? That part is up to you to decide. But for today, we will be featuring a simple guide to the different kinds of cake you can choose from for Christmas.

    We will be including a brief history and description of the cakes as well as a list of basic ingredients. Please stay tuned for more details!

    Did store buy or home-made?

    The debate has been on for almost every holiday and that is okay. Whether or not you and your family prefer store-bought or homemade cake is fine. As long as the cake is enjoyed by everyone, it probably won’t make any difference.

    But then again, if there is this particular cake that you really want for your family and it’s not common, of course, it’s best to just make it yourself. Do not be afraid to research even just the basics of baking. After all, this is just a once a year celebration!

    And if it fails, remember, practice makes perfect. Baking your own homemade Christmas cake can also serve as a fun bonding activity for you and your loved ones.

    Christmas Cakes You Need to Know

    Now, we all know that a cake has different types and flavors. It also has different ingredients and texture due to the gluten, yeast, eggs or flour and the like. However, not all flavors or types of cake are really Christmas-y.

    There are some cakes that are just meant for a specific occasion. Some are best eaten for adult birthdays, kid’s party, or anniversary celebrations. Here are some of the most common Christmas cake options you can try!

    Stollen Cake/Fruit Cake


    This is the most common type of cake served during Christmas. This is probably because of its refreshing and laid back yet festive taste/texture. The combination of a sweet and moist cake with tangy fruit flavors make it a good Christmas night ender.

    The Christstollen (literally, After Christ) cake, or most commonly known as a fruitcake, was originally just a fruit bread. Having originated from Germany, the stollen cake was made with yeast, flour, oil and water. Thus, making it stiff.


    Bar Christmas Fruit Cake

    Then, almonds, dried fruits and other spices like cinnamon were added just to enhance the taste. Although of course, over the years the concept of the stollen which was like a fruitcake bread evolved into the modern moist sponge cake with fruits. Or the fruit cake.


    Round Christmas Fruit Cake

    Christmas Meringue


    The Christmas meringue on the other hand, is just like your traditional meringue but with Christmas themed designs and flavors. Some color it green and shape it to look like a Christmas tree. Then it is decorated with edible Christmas lights and balls look-a-like.

    These can be eaten by itself as cookies or biscuit bites or you can choose to put it as decoration on cupcakes or just cakes. Making a meringue was just originally egg whites and sugar. It is believed to have originated from Meiringen, a village in Switzerland.


    However, later on, it was revised by an Italian chef name Gasparini. Contrary to all of these, the word “meringue” itself is actually of French origin. There isn’t really much difference between the Swiss and the French meringue. Except for the texture and density as well as purpose, that is.

    Christmas Cake/Cup Cake


    As for Christmas cakes or cupcakes, fruit based or no-bake cakes are famous in general because they’re easy to make and very easy to find as well. Tiramisu, mango floats and chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings? These are just some of the most common and easy cake ideas for you.

    We all know how hectic the holidays can get. You might not even have time to buy cake anymore. If you’re a beginner in baking and you want to try making your own Christmas cake, try no-bake cakes!


    Buttermilk Cake for Christmas, why not?

    Nothing beats a cake made with love. Even though it’s not baked, it’s still cake! And it will be delicious. As for appearance, you can always just decorate it with fruits and store-bought chocolate shavings and sprinkles.

    Buttered Rum Cake

    Now, we’re not ending the year without these alcohol infused cakes which are perfect for adult Christmas parties. Although you can’t really get tipsy with rum cakes, you can always just adjust the amount of rum you put on the cake (winks).

    But if you plan to serve it to your family (with kids), you can lessen the amount of rum and put just enough to subtly flavor the cake. The original Caribbean rum cakes have always been traditionally served as a holiday dessert.

    However, this delicious holiday dessert was brought by the Europeans to the Caribbeans. Today, there are tons of different recipes you can try for rum cakes. Some even experiment with the recipe by adding chocolate, fruits or almost anything!

    (as long as it matches, of course)

    Here’s to Sweeter Holidays!

    At the end of the day, whichever cake you choose, the real joy and festivities of Christmas or any holidays happen in our hearts. Celebrating with our loved ones is what makes the holidays special. Not the gifts, grandiose meals or fancy cakes.

    Which is why this coming holidays, be sure to get a cake that everyone will enjoy. Not just the flavor that you personally like. Isn’t sharing the spirit of the holidays this season? We wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday!

    Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen

    Annie is the Content Copywriter for Mr T’s Bakery. We make Brisbane business catering easy. With endless variety, exciting menus and an easy to use online platform, keep everyone on track with great food! Placing orders online just in minutes.

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