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  • December 20, 2017 5 min read

    At least, almost all of us were at one point been surprised in celebrating our birth month in the office. It is a rewarding feeling that little things like our birthdays have been acknowledged in a special way. It is one of many ways that some organizations reach out to employees to have a fun-filled day and motivates them with their work. You’ve been delighted with the yummy cake that was given to every birthday celebration you have in the office while your co-workers devour on the fluffy delicious cake before getting back to work. It’s a sure fun way to take a little break and a great way to involve other co-workers in celebrating your birthday to promote camaraderie in the office. But would it be more awesome if it will be a more interactive one than just a little break from work?


    Birthdays in the office is considered as one way to have a culture of recognition in an organization wherein an employee is recognized and appreciated for the value they bring at work no matter what role they may have in the organization. Celebrating a birthday in the office is a crucial way to execute that culture of recognition within the company because as the company grows so does the number of employees. This could be challenging and overwhelming for HR or office manager to handle. And yet, birthday celebrations are the simplest way to communicate with the employees that the company cares for them and a chance to get to know them better. Planning for an office birthday celebration if you’re a small company can be easy as you can have it personalized and individualized. The challenge lies when you have close to 100 or more employees. It can be both difficult and a hassle for those on the planning committee but it need not be complicated. Challenging as it may seem, planning ahead is a key to have a stress-free party in a breeze. For a large company, consider having it once a month for all your employees whose birthdays fall on the same month or have it done for each department monthly. In that way, it can save you both time and money. It doesn’t need to be a grandiose act to make your team feel appreciated and cared for. Just a simple gesture can make a lot of difference. Speaking of celebration, one great way to bring people together is food. Not only that it will satisfy the tummy but also generates friendship among co-workers.   For a large company, it is best to hire a caterer to serve the food for the monthly office birthday celebration. It is hassle-free, schedule friendly and you can work around a theme from the cake to office decorations with the caterer’s help.

    Keeping in mind the preparation that the office birthday celebration will take, we have these easy ideas to make your office birthday celebration a well-deserved treat for everyone.

    1. The Birthday Cake

    What’s a birthday without a cake? Yes, it may sound so boring to give away a cake year after year for an employee but it is still a genuine way to send out your appreciation to every hardworking employee. What you need is to be able to determine if what variety of cake they would like to have or if they want a healthier one. Cupcakes, cookies or pies, cakes pop, chocolate bars, ice cream bars are also great options for sweet treats. The point is that you don’t need to stick to one generic cake. You can have a themed party cake like office theme, notepad theme or a peg wall of macaroons or cupcakes. Have it personalized in accordance with their preferences so they will be looking forward to every cake the company gives.


    2. The Food

    Catering services have a wide variety of food that they can serve. It will depend on what your employees actually preferred. You can have a food buffet during the party. One idea is to serve a snack bar that includes healthy snacks like nuts and fruits. They will enjoy munching it the healthier way. You can also have a salad bar for those that are a health enthusiast and would want to maintain their prime health.

    3. Decorations

    This one concept that a caterer can do for the whole office set up. They can decorate the whole office or the employees’ particular cubicles or desk. One awesome idea is to decorate with their favorite colors of ribbons. Set up also some party hats, banners, and balloons to make a festive feel to it. Put some tasty gifts like coffee or donuts on their desk before they arrive. This idea will surely give them a feeling of importance and belongingness.



    4. The drinks

    Save the booze for later! Drinks for office birthday celebration can be a wholesome treat that should not have alcohol on it. A great idea for drinks would be to have detox water. This is simply to put some fruit and herbs from the regular water. It can offset some of the heavy indulgences from nibbling on the food. Smoothies from fruits and vegetables are also awesome party drinks that are healthy and refreshing.

    5. Birthday giveaways

    Most caterers include birthday giveaways in their packages. Giveaways serve as a remembrance of the fabulous party. Some idea would be to have a macaroon baked with matching colors of your theme and have it packed in chic boxes or for added a personal touch, you can order fruit jams with adorably customized trimmings on the cap or you can label the cap with your employees’ name and pictures


    So there you have it! Our five ways for a simple birthday celebration in the office. Planning for the birthday office celebration can be burdensome especially if it is done on a monthly basis. No worries about that because these simple ideas are helpful in making your preparations smoothly and with ease. Its main goal is to motivate more employees in a workplace that can result in a more happier, productive and valuable employee.

    Contact your favorite catering service for more information on how to prepare an amazing party for your employees.  

    If you find these ideas helpful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends or co-workers who may need to prep up their own party. If you have comments or suggestions, just type it in. We would love to hear from you.  

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