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  • Why Sandwich Platters Is The Best Choice For Funeral Catering

    4 min read

    Why Sandwich Platters Is The Best Choice For Funeral Catering

    The funeral occasion is not a very easy time for all of us, with our many year's experiences, let 's us explain to you why many people will pick the sandwiches these days.

    In deciding what menu to offer to your extended family and guests, here are some tips to consider:

    1. The place where the funeral reception to be held

    Choosing a venue for the funeral reception will be a good option as you can just comfortably go home and take a rest after an emotional day. Funeral wake usually takes place on a church hall or funeral homes but some have it in the clubhouse, social halls or even in hotels. The venue of the funeral wake will matter most when it comes to deciding how the food will be kept and prepared. If it is in a church hall, the food can be prepared on-site as some church hall have access to a full kitchen. While if it is in the funeral home, clubhouses or social halls, it will be advisable to keep the food on a chafing dish or in a slow cooker that will keep the food warm and heated.

    2. How many people will attend?

    Having a headcount on how many people will be in the funeral will help you decide on how much food will be prepared. If it is for a large group considers ordering food that is in bulk like a buffet type so that guests can just help themselves with the variety of dishes set out in a table. It is for a small group, you can have a platted meal or a variety of food platters.

    3. Who will prepare the food?


    When it comes to funerals, sympathizers are ready to give a helping hand in whatever they can. It is customary in other countries if the funeral held in the church, the community are more likely to help in preparing the food. Some colleagues or associates may also give warmth dishes for the family. It is heart-warming to see and feel the love extended to the mourners. If the budget allows it, you can opt to have the food on the reception catered. In this way, you can have your mind at ease that there will be food served on time and need not to worry on having a sit-down meal.

    4. How much you want to spend


    As with any other gatherings, funerals also can incur some cost in preparing on the food for the guests. It will be best to have a budget that is economically suited for the food to cater to the funeral. Decide on a budget for it and work on a menu around that budget. Typically, once the family has decided on the menu for the funeral they usually pick something affordable to have and can be shared easily. Sandwiches platter or any platter food are among the easiest food to handle and share with the guests.

    Sandwiches platters are the most popular food to offer for unreal catering. Here are some of the reason why:

    1. Budget-friendly

    You can choose on a variety of sandwiches that are great in taste but will not hurt your budget because sandwiches don’t need any elaborate preparation that’s why it is most preferred in funeral catering. There are many types to choose from like VIP slider buns, mini-baguette with hearty fillings, mini pies and sausage rolls that are prepared and created by our professional chefs.

    2. Personal taste

    Aside from being good for your pockets, sandwiches come also in different taste. If you are considering some type of diet for those attending, you can choose from gluten-free, vegan type or just simply a healthier choice for your sandwiches or it can also be an all-meat sandwich that’s packed with lots of protein. Although, most catering services supplies around 10-15% healthy sandwiches to your ordered meal, you can still choose a combination you like.

    3. Keep it longer and quick to order

    It can sometimes get hotter in Brisbane and normally food serve on hot weather should be kept warm at all times because it can be spoiled easily. However, with sandwiches, you need not have to worry about this because it is a stable food even it is kept outside for a longer period. It will not easily be spoiled and it is quick to also order for a sandwich platter because it can be easily prepared.

    4. No mess

    It can be handled with less mess and can easily be cleaned up after the guests eat. Overall, minimal clean-up is required for this kind of food.

    Some Sandwiches Ideas For Funeral Catering

    Organizing a funeral wake is usually informal in settings. It is gathering to a venue with friends and family to remember the life of your loved ones and celebrate life with the family. Funeral wake is an occasion that is accompanied by music and refreshments. Catering for the food and refreshments at the wake would amount to lessening the burden, stress and worry to the bereaved family. Instead, their focus will be on remembering the good memories they shared with the departed loved ones and lifting one another in prayers and love.

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