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  • Melbourne Cup Catering Food Ideas

    4 min read

    Melbourne Cup Catering Food Ideas

    The much-awaited Melbourne Cup is just months away. Have you made your plans yet in making this event a memorable and exciting one? How about loading this day up with delicious and yummy foods that your friends and family will surely grab on as they enjoy watching the race? Melbourne cup happens every first Tuesday of November and on this day all Australians are in unity to celebrate and bask in what is dubbed as “the race that stops the nation”. So, what a better way to commemorate this day? What else, but by throwing a party.


    Melbourne Cup is more than a race. It is Australia’s popular social event where people dress up on the most colorful hats and dresses on this special occasion with overflowing of champagne and gourmet finger foods. It is also a public holiday where most businesses and schools in Victoria are closed while most offices in Australia stop work as the time nears for the main race. Activities include party offices, lunches in restaurants and afternoon teas where television is available so that workers can view the main race.


    So, whether you plan to host for a few or large crowd, it is a joyous chance to be with your friends, family, and colleagues, donning fascinating hats and enjoying loads of great foods. Here are some party catering tips you can follow for a relaxed and easy hosting of Melbourne cup.

    • Catering for cocktail finger foods is perfect for Melbourne cup. It let guests mingle around without the mess. Think of bite-size, no-mess finger foods to serve.
    • Keep off any cutlery or plates. It is better to serve food to be eaten simply with one hand.
    • Plan ahead. Decide on food that can be served fresh in advance or can be reheated the next day. It is also good to delegate some foods for the guests to bring.
    • Serve canapés or any kind of finger foods on wooden boards, platters or large bowls that can comfortably be passed around a crowd.
    • Prepare a table exclusively for drinks with containers filled with ice to chill beers, wines, champagne, soft drinks, sodas, and fruity punch.

    With excitement rising, people prefer a light meal while watching Melbourne cup. When choosing food to serve for your Melbourne cup party, it great to select a variety of awesome dishes. Cocktail finger foods that are attractive, classy and delicious works very well with guests while watching. With that said, here are some food suggestions that are easy to prepare to make your Melbourne cup party a fabulous one.


    1. Fresh Fruit Platter

    Fruits brings in different vibrant colors in the table. It is one of the easiest to prepare and well appreciated by guests. It is refreshing, simple, full of good stuff, and suits almost every diet. To make a fruit platter, buy a good quality of fruits that are fresh and in season. Arrange it in a white attractive platter to bring out the natural bright colors of each fruit making them appealing and irresistible.

    2. Cheese Platters

    Cheese is a great appetizer. When choosing cheese for your platter, make sure to include a variety of texture and flavors. There are different types of chess that you can select like aged, soft, firm and blue cheeses. You can also have cheeses that are made on the type of milk used such as goat, cow or sheep. Selecting from these types of cheese will guarantee a range of different flavors.

    3. Dips Platters

    Dip platter – Dips are a terrific partner for your flatbread, chips, baby carrots, green beans, celeries or just about any veggies. You can make it in advance just refrigerate it to use on the day of the event. Some of the classic dips you can serve are a yogurt-cucumber dip, sour cream and onion dip, pimento cheese dip and corn salsa.

    4. Sandwiches

    Sandwiches or Sandwich platter – What can be more filling than sandwich platter? This is perfect to prepare for a small or large crowd. It can be prepared on the day of the event itself. Sandwich platter fits a lot of palates. You can go all-meat sandwich for those meat lovers while serving up an all-veggies sandwich platter for the health-conscious or you can have a mix of both. Click to see more sandwich platters

    5. Baked Oyster With Cheese Bacon

    Serve this up as appetizers to please a crowd. Oysters are naturally available all year round but it is in November that has the most supply that’s why it is an ideal appetizer to serve on Melbourne cup. Savor the milky, bold and zesty taste of baked oyster with cheese and bacon as it matched up to your excitement on this eventful day.


    6. Viennese Cookies

    These are elegant, tender cookies glazed with chocolates that can be coated with chopped almonds or pistachios or fill it up with jams. It is a special treat for those who have a sweet tooth. It gives out a delicate buttery taste that is perfect for an afternoon tea or snacks while watching the event.

    7. Sushi Platters

    Sushi is made out of vinegared rice that accompanies different ingredients like seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. It is a convenient food to have during Melbourne cup as it is prepared in a bite-sized portion and a complete meal.


    8. Gluten-free Frittata

    Frittata is an egg custard filled with any vegetables, meat, herbs, and cheese that is perfect to serve for corporate-sponsored lunches just in time for the race or at dinner time after watching the event.


    9. Cupcakes

    These are miniature cakes that are in bite-sized and are enjoyable to eat. It comes in with different flavors. Choose to the serve classic flavors of cupcakes like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and red velvet that generally fit every taste.

    10. Melbourne Cakes

    Melbourne cup day cake – The celebration will never be complete without the Melbourne cup day cake. This cake is made out of vanilla flavor with buttercream frosting with different fondant decorations and horse topper. Share the cake and share the memory.


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