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  • Perfect Tips On How To Order Catering For The Next Event

    4 min read

    Perfect Tips On How To Order Catering For The Next Event

    Every event that came out successful began as a long and exhaustive process of well-planned preparation by the organizers. Pulling off whether large or small gatherings or meetings at work can be at times overwhelming especially if it is your first time to manage one and if you had managed an event before, you know very well the kind of stress it can bring. There are so many things to consider like having a menu that will please the picky eaters, satisfy the cravings of the majority, and meet the nutritional needs of the healthy enthusiasts while keeping all that in mind without hurting the budget and be constraint with time. It is almost unthinkable if there are caterers that can even supply these demands.


    However, bringing off an event that everybody will rave about is not very far from achieving. These perfect tips on how to order catering for the next event will put your mind at rest. It will give you an insight into the step by step guidelines on how you can pull off your company’s next event. So, if you are the lucky dude to be assigned for the next office event whether for a small group of 100 people in attendance, try these perfect tips on how to order catering for your next event.

    1. What event are you catering for?

    It is important to identify for what kind of corporate event you are setting to know which food will match your event. Likewise, it is also essential to realize what kind of food presentation that is in line with your event so that the food will be kept in its freshest state and retain its good taste. There are many types of events that you may want to ask yourself as if it is for a client luncheon meeting or a dinner set up? If it is for a small event, will it be for a birthday celebration, a team milestone or a small group meeting? Is your event will be just for a simple serving of foods like platters and finger small foods or is it for a larger event that needs catering in advance? Some events are relaxed like a team lunch or a corporate group lunch wherein creating separate food stations for beverages and bite-sized food will be more adaptable. Funerals wake, and special community events are also type of events that call for catering. Whatever the situations may be, you can be assured that you can get the right catering service for a specified event.


    2. Understand your space

    It is also advisable to assess where your event will take place. Space is also a main consideration in providing foods to be catered. If it is a daylong conference and training, the space for a conference room should be enough to accommodate food presentation or food stations. You can try availing the all in one catering menus so you won’t have to deal with little details. If space will be in a private room, space can be limited. You may want to consider ordering simple menus like sandwich platters or individualized packed lunch boxes. There are right solutions available for every space limitations. All you need is to do is to maximize whatever space you have and make sure that the food is accessible for everyone to grab and enjoy.


    3. Breakfast or lunch

    What kind of meal that will be served? The time of day will have an impact on the choices of food you will serve. Food presentation may vary in accordance with the day and time of your event. If you are looking for a catering service around Brisbane CBD that has a high quality of food served for breakfast, lunch or dinner, consider Mr. T’s bakery. They offer delicious food option for every meal and provide great service. For breakfast in Brisbane, it can be hot or cold meal while lunch usually includes a selection of veggies and meats. It is also typical to served pies, and sausages roll for lunch events in Brisbane.


    4. Catering for special diets

    One consideration in organizing an event is for the guest to be satisfied with the food you serve and will not go away hungry and disappointed so there must be enough variety of food for your guests. However, different people have different diets so it is essential to have your menu cover the necessary dietary consideration that includes vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian foods. Some rule of thumb would suggest at least 15% of the total order of your food would comprise of vegetarian and gluten-free.



    5. Stay hydrated

    In an office or corporate events, foods are enjoyed together with beverages. Almost all food goes well with soft drinks, bottled water, juices while teas and coffee will go well with every breakfast meetings and mid-afternoon meetings. But just a word of caution, go easy with alcoholic drinks. It is great to have fun in events like office Christmas party and year-end corporate parties but too much will not be a good idea for these settings. Remember, you want to have a blast in every event with no hangovers to go through the next day. Try to restrict having just a couple of bottles and opt for serving more soft drinks and juices.


    In the future, when the assigned task of taking care of the food and beverages happens to land in your lap, consider outsourcing to a professional office caterer in that way you will avoid the stress of managing the tiniest thing in the ordering process. It will also give you time to celebrate together with your colleagues as well. Planning is the key to any successful business events. You can start planning a few months ahead or even a few weeks but sometimes last-minute preparation is also unavoidable. Whatever the time frame you may have, there is always a professional catering service that would meet your every event needs. All you need to do is to look for a reputable one.

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