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  • July 20, 2019 4 min read

    We all seem to agree that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. It helps in setting up the right pace for the day because eating breakfast produces tons of energy to keep you nourished and ready to jump start the day towards your daily grind. It is also in the morning that most people are more rested thus can also be more alert and productive. Moreover, eating breakfast has been linked to good health, improved moods, better concentration, and memory.

    With such importance put on to breakfast, there is an increasing popularity in the business world to make meetings more productive by having it in the morning. It is the time of the day wherein focus and attention to information are more likely to be retained efficiently. Breakfast meetings are believed to have more favorable outcomes compared to meetings later in the day. It can utilize efficiency that will eventually lead to short and snappy actions with all objectives are met and achieved. When planning a breakfast meeting, food is a necessity to make it successful. How can anyone think straight when tummies are empty especially in the morning? To have a pleasant and organized breakfast meeting, there are some things you should look into such as a careful selection of foods to be served, any special dietary consideration, how big the group to be catered or will it be a formal set up or an informal one? Is this meeting a meet up with clients or breakfast get together before a seminar or conference? Having these thoughts considered will trim down your options and plan with ease.

    A key to a successful breakfast meeting is to know which type of breakfast menu is more suited and cost-effective to your catering needs.



    Continental breakfast is all about simplicity, convenience, and affordability. The term “continental breakfast “ is meant to raise associations with continents in Europe to distinguish this kind of breakfast from an English one which consists of a lighter breakfast that was eventually adopted by other countries. It is a buffet-style meal that has a most cost-effective menu option which includes: baked products like croissant, pastries, muffins or toast, fruit juices, seasonal fruits, coffee, and tea. It is easily and conveniently served as the food choice are lighter and simpler. Ideally, this type of breakfast is good for team meetings and training.


    This type of breakfast is an option that is of maximum value. The traditional breakfast buffet includes items from continental breakfast with add-ons such as eggs (it can be scrambled, poached, or sunny side up), bacon, sausages or hotdogs. It can feed a crowd to a delicious breakfast to kick start the day before going to a conference or a training seminar. This kind of offering for a breakfast meeting is one that you can plan when the budget isn’t too tight. Nonetheless, the breakfast buffet provides value to a much bigger crowd because it is a hearty breakfast that provides extra energy to boost concentration and focus first thing in the morning.




    If you want a freshly made breakfast with fresh ingredients, this option is more appropriate to make your meeting more memorable and exciting. You can choose from an omelet, pancake or waffle stations. This offering is included together with continental or traditional breakfast. When choosing this option, your budget will eventually increase however; this is a creative way for people to enjoy freshly made breakfast. It will give them something to look forward to every breakfast meeting and inspire them to attend the event. You can have it set for attendees for mid-level and upper management.


    This option offers a more formal setting for a business breakfast meeting. This is much easier to organize as it offers various meal alternatives from fruit platter to a signature meal or it can be essentially a presentation from various continental or traditional breakfasts on a plate. Plated breakfast meal sets a tone for any official business meeting attended usually by big bosses or executives.


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    Much of attention nowadays is geared to being healthy and some chose to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Health and wellness is also one thing that some businesses are taking into account and probably advocating. Healthy food options are a great way to start a breakfast meeting as it always leads to better well-being. This option does not have any fried in it and it may be served fresh and all-natural. You can choose from a gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan food. If you know someone with some intolerance and may need for a special dietary requirement, planning on what food to provide will be a wise thing. Nevertheless, this option caters to every special dietary need and healthy options that will satisfy every taste.  

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