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November 28, 2019 6 min read

Creating a grazing table can be both fun and easy. It allows you to prepare food in advance for your guests with less time preparing and more time to socialize during the party instead of running around cooking and serving foods. Putting it up is also easy with a little creativity that will simply impress your guests. Best of all, easy on the budget and clean-up is a breeze. It’s a perfect party food set up whether hosting for a small group of friends, bonding for a family get together, or arranging a corporate catering event.


So, what is a grazing table? It’s an artful arrangement of a variety of appetizers like cheeses, cold cuts, bread, and other snacks as well as seasonal fruits, flowers, decorations and serving utensils. It is an elegant set-up that is visually appealing and motivates guests to walk by, help themselves to nibble and munch on the food while being comfortable enough to mingle with the other guests.

The food may be arranged not only in a table but it can also be in platters, in a large and flat surface, in counter, or a large wooden board. Food is presented in piles that intermingle with each other artfully which creates an overflow of delicious taste and looks. The food should have a natural flow from one dish to another and that colors and texture should never clash.

How to create a grazing table that is hard to forget? Here are the 4 easy and important ways to set it up.

1. Always have a theme – As with any party, having a theme will set the pace on the direction on how your grazing table would look like so make sure to stick with it. For example, if it is a Halloween themed party, select foods, utensils, serving platters and accessories that will reflect on this theme.


2. Simple layer – Layering adds dimension to your presentation. Keep it simple though. You can start by choosing furniture that will achieve the overall look of your grazing table. Use elevated serving platters that can beautifully layer the foods that you want or a rustic basket to layer bread appetizingly.

3. Add fresh flowers and greenery – Nothing more satisfying than the look of fresh flowers, herbs and some greenery put on your table. It adds color and character to your grazing table which makes it more interesting and visually appetizing.


4. Fabulous foods – Foods are the main focal point of your grazing table. It’s important to include foods that are not easily spoiled and can be handled conveniently. Choose fruits that are in season and locally produced. Put in freshly baked artisan bread and well-aged cheese wheels, baskets of bread rolls, crackers and biscuits, mini sausage rolls and burgers, dips and spreads, grilled veggies, sweet cravings like mini cupcakes, assorted chocolates, tarts, gourmet candies and lollipops and a lot more. Make sure that the foods are in balance and well distributed on your grazing table to cover all tastes and texture to ensure an enjoyable treat for everyone.

You don’t need to be a pro to create an appetizing grazing table because there are no hard rules or instant ways of making one. Aside from having a little imagination on how you would want your grazing table to look like

Some helpful tips to consider on how to put your grazing table together.

1. The table should be proportionate to the amount of food to be served – Make sure that your table or any flat surface can cover the entire food you will be serving. It should not be too big nor small but just the right size to make your table look fuller and overflowing with foods. It will also allow your guests to easily grab the food with ease and comfort.

2. Create height – Height can give you a three-dimensional look and gives the illusion that there is plenty of food on the table. It creates a fuller visual effect rather than a flat and lifeless surface. So be creative in using cake stands, wooden boards, boxes, woven baskets, tiered stands and crates to display your foods.


3. Preparing the table – A simple preparation on the table will attract guests to come and feast on the food. It is good to make use of serving ware with different sizes and shapes to create height on your table. Provide serving utensils for each element so that guests won’t have to use their fingers. Don’t be afraid also to scatter crackers, nuts, and fruits and slice a loaf of bread or crumble some cheese on it as it will encourage your guests to dig in on it. Always see to it that the foods are replenished if they run low. If there is an unfamiliar food on your table, have a cute sign or mini blackboards to let the guests know what they are eating.

4. Foods, the primary star of your table – The food that you choose should be in line with the party or event theme. It can be for a summer, Halloween, thanksgiving, Melbourne cup, Administration day, office birthday or to a wedding theme. Make a variety of food choices that your guests can appreciate. Avoid foods with gooey sauces that can make a mess. As much as possible keep your food in a finger food portion so that guests will no longer cut the food.


Grazing tables are not a new concept. Back in the early times, when Romans are known for their ridiculous feasting, produced a platter of piled pheasant brains, flamingo tongues, livers and other exotic foods that were considered luxuries back in those days. In the passing of time, people are still drawn on grazing tables to entertain families, friends and large groups of people.

To make more beautiful grazing platters, here are 7 practical tips you can follow.

1. Advance preparation – What’s good about the grazing table is that you can prepare it ahead of time. Consider the size of the board or table that you are going to fill with foods so that you can buy the right ingredients and products to add on. Write down the foods, utensils, and other materials that you would buy so you won’t miss a thing. Cut all veggies and keep them in containers with water to stay fresh.


2. Freshness and tastiness do matter – The concept of grazing tables provide guests with foods that are fresh and new. It is important that you buy from farmer’s market the vegetables and fruits that are in season. Go to a deli to cut meat in as thinly as possible and you can also purchase with them delicious prosciutto, salami and other cold cuts that are reliably fresh and clean.

3. Where to place the table – Depending on your theme, you can set it up in a garden that is bright and windy or inside your house or office that will allow a more relaxed space. Either way, just make sure that there is plenty of room that your guests can move around and mingle with each other. Make sure that the table is not against the walls so that guests can access it on both sides.

4. Level up your cutlery and utensils - Out with the plastic forks, spoons, and paper cups. It’s time to bring out those fancy cutlery, utensils, plates, and glasses. A grazing table is a feast and grandeur is its thing so make sure that you have something to show off or better yet head on to a dollar store to buy some to fit the theme.

5. Fill out white spaces – The table should be covered properly covered with rainbow colors. Fill in any gaps with some greenery, twigs of herbs, or flowers with less scent so as not to overpower the smell of the foods.

6. Always keep the food in small bite-sized – Foods should be kept in the bite-sized portion so that guests can have a little bit of taste of everything. Avoid foods that are messy and hard to bite. Make your food soft, crunchy and easily eaten in one or two bites maximum.


7. Consider the season and time – Most foods are season and time-sensitive. If it’s a hot summer day, you may want to go more for fruits and vegetables that will freshen up the palette cut back on foods that are easily spoiled in warm days like cheeses and meats. If seafood and meats are the features in the grazing table, it may not stand out in the open all day. The best way is to time the table so as many guests can enjoy it before you pack it away. It is more convenient to load it up during colder days.

A grazing table is an array of flavors, texture, and taste that features the high quality of ingredients that compliments one dish to another. It’s an extensive work of art and if you rather give the leg work to an expert, the grazing table works well with any theme and is customized to suit the needs of our customers.

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