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  • All About Easter and Hot Cross Buns in Australia

    4 min read


    Food, like clothing, also have different variations for different seasons in most cultures. This is because certain foods are best eaten during a specific season.


    Food for Every Season

    If your country is experiencing a cold season, hot foods are the best. Spicy noodles or hearty soups, these are usually the most sought-after dishes when it’s cold. But during the summer, refreshing drinks and desserts like shaved ice are best.

    However, specific occasions also call for certain dishes. Occasions like Easter Sunday or the Holy Week happen all over the world. It is only natural to celebrate them with food apt for the occasion.


    Easter and Hot Cross buns in Australia are very popular. However, not everyone knows its history or why it is best eaten only during Easter. Which is why today, we will be featuring everything you need to know first about Easter and hot cross buns.

    Hot cross buns are said to have originated from the United Kingdom. However, an Anglican monk during the 12th century is said to have first marked buns with a cross. It is also said to have been baked specifically to honor Good Fridays.

    Since then, the hot cross buns have been popular during Good Fridays, Easter weekends or the Lent in general. The symbolism and meaning behind the hot cross buns lie on the Christian religion and its beliefs.

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    Things to Know About Cross Buns


    Hot cross buns are not just famous due to religious purposes. There are actually some superstitions that surround it as well. Some claim that hot cross buns have special properties that are either magical or medicinal.

    Some even believe that eating hot cross buns or hanging it at home can ward off bad spirits that may come the next year. All are relating to good luck, positivity and prosperity.

    But even with all these said, hot cross buns are also very popular because they’re easy to eat and to make.

    Easter Weekend in Australia

    Easter in Australia is celebrated during the fall season or Autumn. This is in contrary to Asian countries who usually celebrate the Lenten season during summer or spring. This difference in season of celebration is mostly due to location.

    Since Australia is located at the southern hemisphere, the celebration starts on a Good Friday and ends on an Easter Monday. Like any other cultures that celebrate Easter, this is also a time for reflecting, celebrating and family gathering in Australia.


    However, there is a certain game that is quite popular among Australians during this season. The game is most commonly known as the egg knocking game. The egg used in this game is not just any egg, Easter eggs are most ideal.

    You just have to tap your Easter egg with everybody else’s during the game. The person whose Easter egg has survived with no damages wins the game. This is a perfect game for church gatherings or family get-togethers during Easter.

    Last but not the least, it is also a common tradition among Australians to eat the hot cross buns during Easter. However, hot cross buns have already evolved. There are so many variations already that you can try out there. Some add dried fruits, nuts or chocolate flavor.

    Variations for Hot Cross Buns

    In the end, it is up to you to innovate and tweak the hot cross bun recipe according to your liking. As long as you follow the fundamentals (such as the “cross”), your hot cross bun will succeed.

    The main ingredients for a hot cross bun are usually just the following:
    ➢ Yeast
    ➢ Icing (for the cross, optional)
    ➢ Oil
    ➢ Egg
    ➢ Caster sugar
    ➢ Butter
    ➢ Bread flour (strong)
    ➢ Salt

    We mentioned that the icing on the cross is optional. This is because you can simply just etch the cross on the dough. Some add raisins, nuts, or even chocolate to their hot cross buns. If you plan to serve it in an office setting, simply make it an assortment.

    Other variations of serving hot cross buns would include serving it with jam or butter. Some even fill it with custard, cream and the like. For the health conscious, it is possible to make gluten-free hot cross buns as well.


    Gluten naturally comes from products such as starch, wheat, oats, barley and other hybrids. However, gluten can sometimes be bad for certain people. This is because gluten can provoke certain autoimmune reactions or irritate the guts due to protein.

    People who are trying to lose weight or who have diabetes are also advised to steer away from gluten. To make a gluten-free hot cross bun, simply replace regular flour with gluten-free flour or starch.

    Hot Cross Buns at Work

    Unlike before when hot cross buns are just usually sold or eaten during Easter, it is now a common pastry as well. Hot cross buns don’t necessarily have to be for the health conscious or the religious only.

    It can also serve as a good snack for gatherings and even office meetings. Not only is a hot cross bun versatile and delicious, it is also convenient to eat. This makes it perfect anywhere and anytime.

    It can even be served for office caterings. For instance, if you plan to have a brief afternoon meeting in the office, you can serve hot cross buns as a snack. It is not messy to eat and is not easily perishable. Even if you don’t plan to serve it right away.

    Simply pair it with coffee or juice and you’re good to go. Moreover, it is also very pleasing to look at. It can definitely lighten up a stressed or serious atmosphere at work.

    At the End of the Occasion


    Whatever the relation is between Easter and hot cross buns in Australia, the pastry is a very nice delicacy. From its appearance, down to its convenience and taste, the hot cross bun makes a good snack whatever the time. It can even be served at office caterings!

    Moreover, the hot cross bun is also not that complicated to make. The ingredients are very accessible and the method to make it is simple. This makes it a good snack to make even at home. Thank you for reading! We hope you found this article helpful.

    Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen

    Annie is the Content Copywriter for Mr T’s Bakery. We make Brisbane business catering easy. With endless variety, exciting menus and an easy to use online platform, keep everyone on track with great food! Placing orders online just in minutes.

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