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  • 6 Tips To Make The Best Sandwiches Ever

    3 min read

    6 Tips To Make The Best Sandwiches Ever

    What can be an easy food to make than sandwiches? Sandwiches consist of endless ingredients that you can fill in between slices of bread like meat, vegetables, jams, spreads or sauces. You can have it for breakfast, corporate lunch or even dinner. Sandwiches are a basic food that we eat almost every day. We consume about the same number of sandwiches as we have individuals to eat them. We eat them hot or cold, toasted or plain stuffed them with hearty fillings and sauces. So what can get off-base when making sandwiches? You can hardly go wrong in making sandwiches but sometimes last-minute blunders can happen that can ruin your entire experience with it. To help you get the perfect sandwich experience, follow these 6 tips to make the best sandwiches.


    1. Choose the right bread

    Bread can make or break a good sandwich. It is the main builder that should hold the foundation of a sandwich. To make a great sandwich, start by choosing the freshest bread that should be delicious enough to eat it on its own. It should have a good thick crust to hold the structure of a sandwich but is soft and fluffy in the middle to keep the ingredients moist and in place. The rule of thumb for choosing the right bread: the moister the filling is the denser the bread should be.

    2. Spread out the sauces

    Sandwiches without spreads are boring because spreads balance the flavor and creaminess in a sandwich. You can go traditional with mayo, butter, and mustard or you can be as adventurous as giving it a healthy burst of heart-healthy fats like avocado spread. How about some chutney or hummus, salsa or barbeque sauce? The choices are endless. All you need to do is be creative with your spreads. How to apply your spreads? First, be generous with your spread. There is nothing more disappointing than a dry sandwich. Second, go spread to the edges of the bread to help seal it to fight the moisture in the fillings.

    3. Avoid sogginess – It’s not an enjoyable feel if it gets watery with your sandwich. To avoid this, make sure you don’t use sliced bread instead go for crusty bread. Toasting it can be a good idea to keep it dry. Add also ingredients like tomatoes and cucumbers right before you eat the sandwich because it can cause sogginess if stayed longer in your bread.

    4. Take the edges off the onions

    Onions can give a crunchy aromatic bite to a sandwich but can leave a strong bitter taste which can be overwhelming if using it raw. You can tame it by tossing it with kosher salt or soaking it in water and dry them before using.

    5. Avoid your sandwich from falling apart

    A good layering compost of 4 or 5 quality ingredients in your sandwich are enough to get all the mixture into your mouth in one bite to avoid your sandwich to fall apart.

    6. Keep it simple

    With all the exciting ingredients that you can put on your sandwich, it is still best to make it simple as not to overstuff your sandwich. The key is to balance the flavors of your sandwich. Harmonize all ingredients by drizzling herbs and seasonings to give it an even taste.

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    Loc Dang

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