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  • 10 Easter Cupcake Ideas 2020

    4 min read

    10 Easter Cupcake Ideas 2020

    Bunnies, eggs and sweet desserts are just the main highlight of every Easter celebration. They symbolize new beginnings and sweet new life. Easter celebrations are an exciting event to commemorate every year. It gives us hope and a feeling of gratefulness for everyday life.

    Easter celebration will never be complete without some sweet decorative treats like cupcakes. Easter cupcakes are cute and adorable desserts to have around in these festive celebrations. Entertaining and feeding your guests with tasty cakes on cups crowned with wonderful designs are just suitable, affordable and convenient for any celebration just like Easter. Easter cupcakes are also a good idea for gifts, shared food to bring on Easter event at your office, or simply your miniature cake to be served at this special occasion.

    If you have a sweet tooth to spare on Easter day, then let not these Easter cupcakes ideas for 2020 pass you by. Give it a try and have a blast creating one.

    1. Bunny Cupcake


    An Easter Cupcake would never be complete without a bunny's head. Some use marshmallows although there is no standard way of preparing the bunny topper. The ingredients always vary but the most common is the use of fondant for easy handling and shaping your bunnies. But you can always go creative by using pastel-colored buttercream as your base. Swirl it on top of the cupcake then take two halves of big marshmallows as the bunny’s ears. It’s an easy and simple decoration that is pretty to look at.

    2. Bunny Sprinkle Cupcakes


    Same as Bunny Cupcake, only with additional colorful sprinkles to make it more appealing to the eye. Moreover, the sweetness and texture of the sprinkles give the cupcake a bonus flavor. Sprinkles, which are often available in supermarkets are inexpensive and are more noticeable in this kind of Easter cupcakes. The colorful sprinkles will definitely give your cupcake a boost, making it even more attractive.

    3. Carrot and Rabbit Cupcakes


    If you want to get your children to eat veggies then this is the cupcake for them. This is the kind of Easter cupcake that highlights the topper and the cupcake flavor itself. The designs are eye-catching even for little toddlers. It got cute little bunnies in different colors with bunny eggs, carrots, and flowers on the side. Ready-made carrot toppers are available in baking sections inside supermarkets. Although others prefer to make and decorate their own with real shredded carrots to make cupcakes moist and with great texture, ready-made toppers for Carrot Cupcakes are readily accessible.

    4. Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese


    Cream cheese and carrots complement each other very well. Cream cheese has a smooth, creamy and soft texture that is made from milk and cheese that gives out the natural flavor of sweetness from carrots. Cream cheese is used either as frosting or filling or both. It can be bought in grocery stores or could be made at home with certain recipes.

    5. Another Bunny Easter Cupcakes


    Bunnies portray a folkloric symbol of bringing eggs that symbolizes the bringing of new life during Easter day. Bunny Easter cupcakes are a sweet reminder of these. You can go intricate with the design and shape of the bunny or go simple with just a face of the bunny using marshmallows for the ears, chocolate chips for the eyes and some big round choco chips for the nose. Let your imagination run wild on your bunny designs, the more intricate, the more fun!

    6. Easter cupcakes with icing


    These are cupcakes with different colors of icing. Buttercream is commonly used as icing for Easter cupcakes because it shapes pretty well, lightweight and very much stable even if you have your cupcakes outdoors. It does not only shape flowers, leaves, lines using piping bags but it also adds on the cupcake’s flavor. Icing is preferred over fondant when it comes to frosting.

    7. Farm Cupcakes


    Not limited to the rabbits and the eggs. Barn animals can also be used as a design for Easter farm cupcakes like cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep. It’s a fun way to bring out the cute and adorable barn animals in cupcakes that children will be thrilled to have one.

    8. Little flower cupcakes


    Flower cupcakes are such a pretty idea to prepare during Easter. Who could ever resist the cuteness and refreshing designs of cute little flowers on top of a cupcake? Though, because of its charm, we might have quite a hard time deciding whether to eat it or just keep it untouched because they are too pretty to eat.

    9. Quail egg cupcakes


    As its name suggests, these are cupcakes with quail eggs as toppings. Some have it fried and then topped on a cupcake. While some have it boiled and then place it on top of a cupcake with buttercream frosting. Can you just imagine the taste of quail eggs balancing out the sweetness of the cupcake? It sure is worth a try!

    10. Rabbit cupcakes


    Rabbits are also widely used as toppers for Easter cupcakes. Fondant is commonly used to shape out the rabbit topper due to the versatility of fondant for designing purposes. Since rabbits and bunnies are widely used toppers for Easter cupcakes, you might want to know the difference between a rabbit and bunny? Rabbits are a small mammal while bunnies are the baby rabbits. Anyway, they are both perfect for an Easter cupcakes design as they are cute and lovable creatures.

    Easter cupcakes are a delightful sweet treat to serve during Easter day. They are small, compact and amazingly versatile when it comes to a variety of flavors. You will never be out of ideas also on how to embellish it and be creative as much as you want. Make a memorable Easter celebration by trying out these cool and lovable Easter cupcakes ideas but if you prefer to spend the day in a much-relaxed way and decide to have your Easter cupcakes catered, then we just got the most delectable cupcakes waiting for you.

    If your office or family in Brisbane CBD and all suburbs close by, you can order Easter cupcakes here, we got you covered

    Loc Dang
    Loc Dang

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