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  • January 03, 2018 5 min read

    Tea is a popular drink choice for many Australians. But, what makes tea taste so great is the complimentary dessert that comes with it. Today, we’ll show you sweet morning tea and afternoon tea ideas for office or family!

    The History of tea


    The first tea drinkers of Australia were not the early settlers; rather, the Aborigines. Aboriginal Australians drank tea brewed from the sweet sarsaparilla plant infused with tea tree or paperbark leaves. Black tea was not known then.

    The popularly known black tea was introduced in Australia not as imports, but as a private collection. Lieutenant Ralph Clark brought his own tea collection when he landed in Australia. It was only in 1794 that Australia began importing tea.

    In 1884, the first official tea shop in Australia was built. Alfred Bushell opened a grocery store that sold tea and other grocery items in Brisbane, Australia. The tea shop has been successful as it continued to dominate the tea markets during the early 1960’s.

    However, the first commercial tea production was initiated by tea merchant James Griffiths. He was the first person to advertise tea in the newspapers. On 1901, he presented two pounds of tea to ‘The Queenslander’ to show that tea can be produced commercially in Australia.

    What kinds of desserts are best paired for different sweet teas?

    1. Ring cake


    One of the traditional dessert pairs of sweet tea is cake! A ring cake, as the namesake tells it, is a ring-shaped cake. This kind of cake is made by the moistest buttermilk bread coated with rich, cream icing. It has a variety of flavors to choose from, from traditional chocolate to fruity passionfruit!

    This cake is perfect for morning tea. A nutty chocolate flavored Assam tea or Dragonwell Green tea can enhance the flavor of any chocolate ring cake. On the other hand, Earl Grey tea is perfect for any citrus flavored dessert like a passion fruit ring cake.

    2. Multi-colours macaroons


    Most of the macaroons are gluten-free and the shells made of egg white, they are perfectly matched with tea! Macarons are little cookies that pack a wallop in each bite. The tropical sweetness of flavored truffle is intensified by the unique texture of the dessert. It is soft in the inside, crispy on the outside, and has a distinct nutty taste as a whole.

    This little dessert is best paired with Oolong tea. Ti Kuan Oolong tea has a fresh, floral aromatic taste that balances well with coconut. Fruity green teas like High Grown Ceylon Green and Finest China Green are perfect for fruit-based desserts.

    3. Mini cupcakes

    White standard cupcakes seem to be big, mini cupcakes are the perfect choice for morning and lunch tea. Cupcakes are a loved dessert in Australia, so it’s a sin not to eat them with Australia’s favorite drink: tea!

    This nutty goodness should always be served with a fresh cup of Formosa Oolong tea. This tea has a hint of walnut flavor that serves well with the taste of peanut butter. It has a smooth and smoky taste without the lingering bitterness.

    4. Sweet slices

    Like cakes, sweet slices come in a various myriad of flavors. An apple slice brings the fresh, fruity flavor of an American apple pie. While chocolate and cheesecake lovers will definitely love a red velvet cheesecake slice.

    For those who choose to dine in an apple slice in the morning or afternoon, you should brew a fresh cup of White tea. Amore is a floral and minty tea that harmonizes well with fresh fruits and fruit-based desserts.

    If you choose to snack on a Red velvet cheesecake slice instead, a black tea will suffice. Finest High Grown Ceylon and Darjeeling tea can surely enhance any cheesecake, so make sure to get your hands on these tea leaves.

    5. Viennese cookies

    This European dessert comes to make your tea time even more perfect! These beautiful butter cookies are not only for show. Behind these elegant curls lie rich, creamy chocolate goodness. Every bite will let you walk the streets of Vienna and buy a cup of hot chocolate.

    For this type of chocolate dessert, you can try an earthy pu-erh tea.¬¬¬¬ This tea has a floral taste that contrasts well with any dark chocolate. You can also try spicing up your dessert with a Malasa Chai Black tea. This tea has a strong pepper and ginger taste that goes well with milk.

    6. Carrot cake


    This children’s dessert becomes a luxurious tasting sweet when eaten with the right tea!

    The beauty of this cake lies in its most basic flavors. In every bite of this moist cake, you can taste the freshness of carrots and sweetness of sugar. A carrot cake can be eaten as it is, with frosting, or with a citrus glaze. The possibilities of serving this cake are endless!
    Such a simple dessert should be paired with a delicate tea. An Okayti White Darjeeling tea is the perfect tea for such a thing. It has a subtle citrus undertone that can intensify the light flavor of a carrot cake.

    7. Finger lamington - Australia icon


    Finger food catering always the most popular choice, lamingtons are soft sweets that are popular in Australia for a good reason!

    A traditional Australian dessert, this combines the bittersweet flavor of chocolate with fruity coconut. It is made in small, finger-like shapes, making them beautiful pieces on the table. Served with hot tea, this dessert will complete your morning and afternoon tea times.

    The dark chocolate flavor of this dessert is made stronger with Gyokuro and Fukamushi Sencha, both Japanese green teas. These teas have a salty, chocolatey taste that you might enjoy. The earthy and floral Jasmine Pearl green tea is also great for this dessert.

    Before tea time begins


    With a hard day’s work in the office or cooking for your family, you deserve to have a time for relaxation. And what is a better way to relax than drinking tea and eating delicious sweets? We hope that you can try out these sweet morning tea and afternoon tea ideas for office or family.

    However, these tea ideas are not fixed. You can always choose to pair these desserts with other teas you might like. The joy of drinking tea is finding foods that are its perfect match. So, take liberty on your tea time and experiment as much as you want!

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