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  • Cakes Or Cupcakes For A Birthday Party

    4 min read 1 Comment

    Cakes Or Cupcakes For A Birthday Party

    Birthdays come once a year and we always want to make it memorable for our kids and loved ones, and this special occasion wouldn’t be complete without the star of the party, the birthday cake! Nowadays, cupcakes are also gaining popularity served as a birthday cake. If you’re confused, which to choose between cake and cupcake then here are some points you need to consider.



    Your budget plays an important role to make this birthday party possible. Cupcakes cook faster than cakes. Go for mini cupcakes if you are on a tight budget. But if you want to make it more special and share custom slices with the family, a cake is the best choice.                        


    Think about the theme of your birthday party. If you’re going to set up a Princess cake for your dear daughter, it’s better to choose a cake because you can decorate it much easier compared to birthday cupcakes that can only hold a few toppings.

    Number of Guests

    Consider the number of guests attending your birthday party. Make sure everyone can grab a piece of your birthday cake. If you’re going for cupcakes, you need to prepare the same amount of cupcakes for the number of guests attending. While a 3 layer cake would be enough to feed a large crowd.


    If your child is expecting a Mermaid cake for her birthday, then it’s better to stick with your promise. It will make her happier seeing her dream birthday come to life!

    Cakes have always been part of a birthday party. Blowing out candles has been done for hundreds of years. Though cupcakes are gaining popularity at birthday parties, here are more reasons why choose a cake for a birthday party, not cupcakes:

    1. Cakes are worth your time

    Sure, cupcakes are easier to prepare, just like 15-20 minutes in the oven then whip some frosting on top, compared to cakes baking about 2-3 hours plus all the layering of frosting and decorating. But all the effort is worth all your time when you want to make a special birthday cake for someone.

    2. Cakes are versatile

    Cupcakes can only have a minimal amount of decorating. Cakes can go beyond your imagination. You can make it wider, layer different sizes to make a cake tower, or sculpt it into the shape you want.

    3. Cakes make you feel special

    Have you experience entering your home and as you lit up the lights you see your whole clan to greet you a happy birthday? Your loved one would feel special receiving a surprise birthday cake.


    4. Cakes are a party attraction

    How often does your child request for her dream birthday-themed Under the Sea? Using cupcakes are only good for accents, but having a 3-layered mermaid cake is the bomb. Your guest would be amazed and your little girl would feel proud of you!

    5. Cakes are memorable

    Isn’t it cute taking a video of your child smashing and munching on his first birthday cake? Almost every kid has a memory of their childhood celebrating their birthday party.

    6. Cake slices can be customized

    Cupcakes have uniform sizes, you can make a standard size or mini cupcakes. But some guests like to have more dessert while others can barely finish a piece. With cakes, guests can customize their slices.

    7. Cakes are timeless

    Whether you’re celebrating your son’s first birthday party or your grandmother’s 81st birthday, there is always a cake perfect for your event.


    8. Cakes satisfy your sweet tooth

    Though you can get creative with flavors using cupcakes, your fillings are limited. While with cakes, you can pile up layers and layers of chiffon cake and buttercream to your heart’s content. Top with sliced fruits and you have the best birthday cake enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    See more:

    9. Cakes make us happy

    How sad it is to see a birthday candle stuck on a piece of cupcake. But you can’t help yourself to just dig in when you see a decadent chocolate cake topped with strawberries. Or slicing a colorful hue of rainbow cake makes someone forget about their gray days and just enjoy their special day.


    10. Cakes are the best

    Want to see your kid’s eye glow when they see their dream cake come to life? Your child would be so proud of you because you’re the coolest mom ever!

    With so many desserts and pastries becoming more popular, birthdays are now celebrated in modern and creative ways. If you want to skip the cake and cupcakes here are some delectable pastries you can serve as a birthday cake



    It’s not just a filling dessert but a good birthday cake alternative too! Make batches of crispy home-made donuts and arrange it on a wooden stacker to make a Donut Dessert Station. If you’re up to a larger party then better to skip all the kneading and frying, and grab some from your favorite donut shop, and make some donut pops or even impress your guests by hanging a doughnut wall.



    Just like you would on a regular colored pancake but much thinner, whip up some cream and spread it on top of each crepe stacking your way up to make yummy of rainbow crepe cake.

    Cream puffs


    Build a tower of cream puffs, you can make this using one flavor but a variety of this melt in your mouth pastry would be lovely.

    There are a lot of things to consider preparing for a birthday party. Whether you choose a cake, cupcakes or yummy pastries, these mouth-watering desserts are all perfect to complete a memorable birthday celebration.

    There’s always the right reasons if you want to make your birthday party more special. Just always remember not to go overboard, so there won’t be any cause to spoil this once a year celebration.

    1 Response


    May 08, 2024

    I personally love birthday cakes! Sadly my parents chose cupcakes!

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