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  • 9 Popular Filling And Topping For Sushi

    4 min read 5 Comments

    9 Popular Filling And Topping For Sushi

    It seems that sushi is no longer exclusive to Japanese only. More people are loving it and have become a popular delicacy worldwide. It not only satisfies your hunger but it is also a convenient food to eat because sushi can be eaten as a complete meal for lunch and dinner. It is also widely available not from Japanese restaurants but even to large local grocery chains where they have a station just for sushi to make fresh every day.

    There are more reasons to love sushi. What’s even more enjoyable about sushi is that it got different fillings and toppings that can satisfy every craving. You can choose whatever fillings and toppings that favors your appetite. No matter how you bask in the surreptitiousness of sushi, there will always be the perfect fillings and toppings you can find yourself liking. From the regular sushi roll and protein-packed tuna and salmon to the healthier version of veggies in a roll.


    To help you choose from the countless delicious fillings and toppings of sushi, we run down the top 9 popular fillings and topping for sushi that will be a treat to your eyes and taste buds.

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    1. Cucumber

    This perhaps is the most commonly used filling that gives out a refreshing and crunchy bite to sushi. Japanese cucumber is commonly used as a filling because it has fewer seeds and does not moist easily. If you want your sushi to have that perfect crunch, the good combination of Nori sheets and cucumber will achieve that crispy and tasty crave you want.


    2. Fried egg

    Sushi toppings can be as simple as an egg which can create a full meal. Tamago sushi or egg sushi is topped with an egg omelet that has a sweet taste and a light texture wrapped around a strip of Nori sheet. It is popular among kids because of its sweetness and for people who love sushi but does not eat raw fish. The sweetened egg and vinegary sushi rice compliments each other’s taste that produces one great food that is loved almost by everyone.


    3. Salmon and avocado

    This is a classic filling for sushi and the combination of serving them together is one of the most popular sushi roll fillings. The delicious salmon and avocado maki sushi is rich in good omega fatty acid and perfect for a light meal. Salmon and avocado sushi filling is a melt in your mouth combo that you must try. It will give you freshness taste from salmon and a creamy flavor from avocado that generates yumminess overload.

    4. Egg and pickle cucumber

    Tamagoyaki or sweet egg omelet and pickled cucumber are some of the fillings that are in Futomaki sushi which is a type of Japanese sushi that is rolled in a thick cylinder with its rice and fillings wrapped in Nori sheet and then cut in small bite-size. The sweetness of the egg omelet and the sweet and sour taste of pickled cucumber are a good mix that brings harmonious flavor to the sushi when eaten and brings out a colorful appearance when sliced.

    5. Pickle seaweed

    If you want a vegan filling in your sushi, try this pickled seaweed wrapped in Nori sheet with a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top. The taste of pickled seaweeds in bite-size sushi is what you need to boost up your healthy way of eating without sacrificing all the yumminess because seaweeds are a nutritional powerhouse.

    6. Beef and red onion

    Negimaki sushi or beef sushi are fit for meat lovers. The fillings for this type of sushi are not raw but seared to have a brown crispy appearance and medium-rare center. The flavor further intensified by red onion that is wrapped on this thinly flank steak with teriyaki sauce. The delicious combo of beef and red onion only strengthened any dislike for seafood. Really, who needs seafood as a filling for their sushi when meat sushi is so good?

    7. Pulled pork with coleslaw

    You can find endless sushi fillings in whatever way you want it. In this case, pulled pork with coleslaw can be described as east meets west. It’s a combination of ingredients loved by Americans which is the pulled pork presented in sushi rolls hailed in Japan. Smoky and savory pulled pork is balanced by the creaminess and bright color of the coleslaw that gives a bit of color to the sushi. Together, they make a fantastic flavor all wrapped up in nori sheet.

    8. Fish roe and cucumber

    Tobiko or flying fish roe is one type of eggs that is most recognized. It is a red-orange small clustered egg that has a mild smoky or salty taste that has a little sweetness and a crunchy texture. It also provides some healthy goodness because it is naturally high in vitamins and protein. Tobiko is presented as toppings over clump sushi rice that is bound together by seaweed and topped with cucumber half.


    9. Crumbed prawn with salad

    Ebi fry or Japanese deep-fried shrimp or prawn is just irresistibly delicious! Plump and juicy prawns are crumbed with bread crumbs that are deep-fried into a crunchy slightly brown goodness. It is enjoyed as a filling in sushi together with vinegary rice and salad wrapped around in nori sheet. Enjoy its nutritional goodness in one mouthful bite.

    Some Of The Popular Sushi Platters With These Topping and Filling You Can Order For Catering

    There you have it the 9 most popular fillings and toppings for sushi rolls and even sushi platters for office catering. Now, you can have as much sushi as you want with endless choices of different toppings and fillings whatever your appetite craves for and whenever like lunch or dinner. There are just so many ways to enjoy sushi. It not only tastes good but the fillings and toppings are a great source of nutrient-rich ingredients. Enjoy it with your chopsticks and don’t forget the wasabi.

    5 Responses

    Wilkister malimo
    Wilkister malimo

    May 08, 2024

    Wow!these look amazing,

    Yagyaraj bohara
    Yagyaraj bohara

    May 08, 2024

    I’m sushi lover pls recipe and photo sand mee


    May 08, 2024

    It’s great for beginners


    May 08, 2024

    How do you make the orange sauce and how do you make the dark orange sauce( with the ingredients included


    May 08, 2024

    Tasty yummy and l delicious food

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