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  • Finger Food For Small Group At Toddler Birthday Party In Australia

    4 min read

    Finger Food For Small Group At Toddler Birthday Party In Australia

    It’s your toddler’s birthday! Another significant event that marks the advancing of your toddler from infancy into pre-school years. This is the time when you expect to see huge emotional, intellectual and social changes so celebrating your toddler’s birthday party should be a fun-filled, enjoyable and stress-free experience for you and your toddler making sure your child gets all the attention on his birthday. Throwing a party for your toddler would mean celebrating it with the people who mean a lot to your family.


    Planning your toddler’s birthday party foods can be quite challenging for first-time parents especially children can be picky eaters when it comes to food. The rule of thumb is to serve bite-sized foods because kids love finger food that they can easily eat. One consideration also is that when it comes to birthday parties, kids can get too excited to eat as they anticipate more on exciting games so expect that there will be leftovers if you don’t do finger foods. Serving finger foods also work best to your adult guests as it is filling and satisfying.

    You can try our easy and delicious birthday party finger food ideas that will make setting up a party for your cute toddler can be an easy peasy task to do. You’ll get a lot of inspiration with our finger foods’ sweet and savory variety for a small group at your toddler’s birthday party in Australia.

    Here is the list of some creative food ideas you can make that both children and adults will enjoy eating at your toddler’s birthday party.

    1. Finger sausage rolls platter

    This savory sausage rolls platter has always been a party favorite in Australia. Sausage rolls are a sure hit when it comes to birthday parties as it is mess-free and can easily handle by little toddlers. It is convenient to eat because it comes in small bite-sized rolls wrapped in a freshly made pastry puff.

    2. Mini American hotdog Wraps

    These are another kid-friendly type of finger foods you can serve for your toddler’s birthday party. Hotdogs are an all-time favorite not only by kids but with grown-ups too. It is made special with oozing cheeses and other fillings. They are a great party grabber for little hands and little appetites.

    3. Mini vegemite rolls

    One of Australia’s iconic finger food is this mini vegemite rolls. For kids in Australia, it is the equivalent of peanut butter and jelly but the taste is very different. Vegemite is spread in bread rolls which is a brown thick paste that is flavored with vegetables and spices. It is a fat-free, sugar-free and rich in vitamin B that gives a healthy treat for little toddlers. Mini vegemite rolls are packed with all the goodness that should not be missed serving in any Australian birthday party.

    4. Mini cupcakes

    Serving sweets for your toddler’s birthday party is a must-have. Mini cupcakes are a classic dessert that is fitting for your cute little one’s party guests. Mini cupcakes are miniature cakes that are perfect for bite-sized sugary treats. It is visually appealing with different colors that kids would love and comes with different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavors that kids will have the pleasure of consuming it.

    5. Fruit skewers

    Kids are picky eaters as we know it that’s why fruit skewers are a perfect idea to get your kids to eat fruits during a birthday party. These fruit skewers are colorful, simple and packed with vitamins that will supply your kids more energy to enjoy playing party games with other kids. It’s flavorful, colorful and fresh. You can also be creative by adding a dipping sauce like chocolate, honey, and yogurt for more flavorful fruit. Just make sure that someone is supervising the kids on how to handle skewers or better yet let the adult companion of your toddler’s guest be the one to handle the skewers for them.

    6. Sushi platter

    Compare to sandwich catering platter, This sushi platter makes a complete meal and it’s great to serve on birthday parties especially with kids. Kids are sensory learners and flourish in experiencing a wide array of colors, texture, and flavors. Adding one food at a time will introduce them to healthy eating which is what sushi is about. It is packed with healthy ingredients and a variety of flavors on a bite-sized portion. Sushi platter is a mix of different sushi with assorted fillings that are guaranteed fresh and new. It will satisfy not only those little appetites but big ones also.

    7. Finger Lamington

    Lamington is one edible symbol of being an Aussie. This is a well-known dessert being enjoyed in Australia for centuries now. The soft square-shaped sponge cake dipped in chocolate and covered with coconut is ideal to acquaint your little toddlers to a century-old traditional food that is truly a part of Australian culture. Toddler’s birthday party should never run out of these goodies.

    8. Lamb pastries

    Everybody loves a good bite of meat pastries and these lamb pastries are exactly the delicious and savory treat for everybody to enjoy in your toddler’s birthday party. The triangle-shaped flaky pastries are filled with scrumptious lamb meat seasoned with spices that are crispy in the outside and delectable inside. One great finger food ideally served at a party.

    Catering for a small group at a toddler birthday party in Australia need not be stressful. All you have to do is serve finger foods that kids and adults alike are familiar with the taste just like the food that was listed. It will help you ease out the burden of thinking hard on what to serve and create instead lasting memories with your toddler’s birthday party. But if you want to give all the work to an expert, our finger foods are made fresh, delicious and easy on the budget.

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