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  • 5 Tips To Pick Your Wedding Cake Size

    4 min read

    5 Tips To Pick Your Wedding Cake Size

    A wedding is perhaps one of the most extravagant events that require the existence of a cake. It has been one of the most awaited elements of the event. Most of the time, the cake comes to be the indicator of extravagance or simplicity of an event.

    To be able to forgo wastage whether home-baked or commercialized and before deciding to request a design or buy a cake on display, you need to decide first how big the circumference per tier and how tall your cake should be to be able to feed all the guests.


    You have to know that people's opinions will always vary even the bakers have a different say on what size of wedding cake you should be having for your special day. This is because they also have differing opinions when it comes to the number of servings a particular cake can cater to. Some may even follow some charts to assist their customers in choosing the ideal size of cake to order but it has no steady standard.

    To help you out on choosing the size of the cake need be, here are some of the things you need to consider:

    1. On deciding how big your wedding cake, you should consider the number of guests who are coming. You have to keep in mind that you will only cater to 80% of the total number of your guests.

    This means if you have 100 guests, you will only be needing a cake that could cater to 80 persons. The reason behind this is that a conventional wedding serves four sets of meals: canapes and drinks on arrival, entree, main course, and finger dessert. And oh, some alcoholic drinks, too. This is why your guests might probably have a full stomach even before a slice of cake is served. The tendency is for them to either not be able to finish a slice or just reject to have a serving.

    2. How many tiers do you need?

    It will depend on the couple’s preference for how intricate they want their wedding cake will be and on the number of guests that they are expecting to come. It can often be in between 1 layer to 5 layers. It can go as high as 8 tiers depending on how big the event will be. But commonly, cakes come on three tiers and each tier has its meaning:

    Bottom tier – this to be consumed during the ceremony

    Middle tier – this is to be served after the event

    Top tier – this is to be tucked away for the couple's consumption. The traditional fruit cake is usually what is in the top tier for the couple later usage. It has natural preservatives that can be eaten after a year. Perfect to consume on the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

    Identifying the reasonable estimation of the cake size that suits your event is very important if you want to curb the amount of food wastage after the celebration.

    *Take inspirations from these drool-worthy layered wedding cakes which are straight out of a fairy tale wedding.


    3. How much cake do you really need for your wedding?

    Everybody has the freedom to spend their own money on what women always referred to as the "once in a lifetime event". But there will always be an extra benefit if you will strive to spend wisely and not carelessly. You can begin with proper planning and deciding about the size of the cake you are going to have for your wedding. Sometimes, what appears to be essential could just be unnecessary.

    Fortunately, cake makers were able to come up with a valuable solution to make you pay less for a cake that doesn't look cheap! For those who wanted a cake with height, here's how: rather than ordering a cake with extra layers, you can request for a taller but slimmer cake for each layer. With this, you'll get extra height without having to pay for the extra cake. Now that's practicality, creativity, and wit put together!


    4. Should you go vegan or gluten-free on your cake?

    Although it would require much effort and concern from you to go the extra mile in including the guests with allergy and other dietary constraints into consideration, the good news is that it is possible to have vegan or gluten-free wedding cake. Dietary cakes, on the other hand, are definitely a healthier option but it would taste less sweet than the normal ones.

    One way to achieve your goal in making sure that everyone is included in cake eating time is to ask the baker to do 1 tier of gluten-free or vegan for your guests that have a special dietary requirement and the rest of the cake could be ordinary for your other guests.


    5. What will be the ideal size for your wedding cake?

    Cake makers have varying standard tier sizes because cakes are always subjected to customer's customization.


    Note: that the standard tier height is three inches but for some cake vendors, it may be four inches high. Hence, to avoid miscommunication, do not forget to ask your cake maker about the standard measurement of their cake's height per tier.

    One of the techniques to save up money without making the cake's quality and height suffer is to for a higher but slimmer tier. This will make your cake look taller that can contribute an elegant touch on the venue with an impressive factor. One last question that you might want to consider asking: to serve your guests with a thin or thick slice of cake?

    Usually, formal venues serve only half-an-inch slices of cake while in not-so-formal affairs about two inches slices of the cake could be given to each guest. This is because informal affairs don't usually have several sets of meal courses during the entire event. Frequently, only the main course and then the dessert is served.


    Wedding cakes symbolize happiness and a good life to the newlyweds. It is important to plan out what type of wedding cake that would reflect the couple’s dreams and aspiration on their big day as they will share the wonderful and joyous day with their family and friends.

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