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  • 20 Best Finger Foods for Corporate Catering That You Need To Know

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    You’ll never know when a company would need a catering fit for office gatherings or social events. These gatherings can be about team-building, strategy planning, or celebratory announcements. Of course, a little snack would complete these events!

    One of the best kinds of food for the office setting is finger food. Finger foods are light, convenient, cheap, and best of all, easy to eat. Today, we’ll list down the 20 best finger foods for office - corporate catering! Stay tuned to find out more!

    20 Finger Foods to Try for Corporate Catering

    1. Nachos and Tacos


    Nachos and Tacos are also good finger foods in office settings. You can simply just pop some nachos, cheese sauce, tomatoes and guacamole into small servings and voila! Mini tacos are also very easy to eat as you walk around the office party to mingle.

    2. Potato mozzarella balls


    If you want to be a part of the current cheese craze today, potato mozzarella balls are a great idea. You can even spice up this finger food by adding sour cream or garlic mayo dip! It is a must try, especially among young colleagues.

    3. Pizza sticks


    Replace your conventional garlic sticks with these pizza sticks! You don’t have to use real pizza dough. Just substitute it with bread cut into “sticks” then topped with pizza toppings.

    4. Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Gỏi Cuốn


    Spring rolls Gỏi Cuốn are never a bad idea as office party finger foods, especially the Vietnamese version. Aside from the fact that spring rolls are very convenient to eat, they are also easy to prepare. These are made from rice wrapper, vermicelli, shrimp, lettuce and other herbs.

    5. Vietnamese Fried Rolls - Chả Giò


    Although the Vietnamese spring roll and the Vietnamese fried roll might sound similar, they are actually pretty different. Instead of using steamed wrapper and vermicelli, it is, as the name suggests, fried. Ground beef or pork is also used instead of shrimp.

    6. Japanese Karaage pops


    Fried chicken pops without the bone are convenient finger food. Also, what makes Karaage Pops different from the usual chicken pops is the ‘sake’, or Japanese rice wine. Sake is added to the marinade for added depth. A must try!

    7. Chinese Pork Buns


    When it comes to convenient portable food for office catering, Chinese pork buns are the best. Just the bun itself is tasty enough for party food. However, the Chinese pork barbecue filling is what makes it special!

    8. Korean Kimbap


    Kimbap is like a Korean version of the California Maki of the Japanese. However, instead of the crab meat, its staple ingredients are usually just ham, egg, cucumber, carrots and small pineapple cubes.

    9. Tteokboki With Fishcakes


    Another Korean dish that can serve as good finger food for office catering would be Tteokboki. Although you don’t eat it with your fingers, it is both delicious and convenient! Perfect for those looking for a spicy meal.

    10. Skewers


    The reason we did not specify the type of skewer is due to so many variations. You can try other variations that would suit the taste of your officemates. It can be fruits, vegetables, meats, or a mixture of all. Get creative!

    11. Onigiri Rice Balls


    Onigiri (or rice balls) are packed with both carbohydrates and protein. You can just add any meat of your choices such as tuna or chicken. Pickled plums work brilliantly too. Whatever you add, just don’t forget the nori (seaweed), and you’re good to go!

    12. Sliders


    Sliders are somehow like burgers. But the good thing about a slider is that it is everything you want in a burger, just in smaller portions. Perfect for the meat lovers out there, an inconvenience of eating a big burger won’t be a problem.

    13. Assorted Tarts


    Tarts can serve both as a dessert or a snack. If your party is lacking desserts, fruit tarts are a good idea. But if you’re serving savory tarts, breakfast tarts or cheesy onion tarts are pretty creative.

    14. Calamari & Onion Rings


    An assortment of calamari and onions rings can excite your officemates. However, make sure that everybody in the office eats squid and onions, or onion rings in particular.

    15. Mini quesadillas bites


    Quesadillas are a classic Mexican dish that has touched the hearts of people all over the world. Quesadillas are usually served on a large platter. But for office caterings, it can be tweaked a bit. Cut it into small bite-sized triangles!

    16. Mini Corndogs


    Corndogs are usually for kids, but it can also be for adults. If you turn corndogs into bite-sized ones, it’ll be a perfect snack for those who are kids at heart! In short, you and your workmates!

    17. Mini quiche


    If your office is not in the mood for tarts, the mini quiche can also pass as a good substitute. Just like tarts, quiche have both sweet and savory variations. If you can’t decide between the two, why not ask the catering to serve you both, right?

    18. Mini cupcakes/ cake slices


    An office catering is never complete without these small and sweet desserts. Mini cupcakes or cake slices are always a safe option for office dessert. This is mostly because of its flexibility. You can serve an assortment of flavors that everyone likes.

    19. Smores


    One of the easiest and famous desserts today are smores. Just melt a marshmallow on top of a graham slice, and then drizzle it with chocolate. The ingredients are not only cheap, but also highly accessible even in local grocery stores.

    20. Fruits and nuts mix


    Finally, for the older people who aren’t in the mood to eat sweets, fruits and the nuts mix is a good choice. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, raisins and other dried fruit would do. It’s extremely healthy, light, and requires no cooking!

    Simplicity is Creativity

    It is up to you and your officemates to decide on what will be served. If you want to keep it safe, stick to foods that are light and easy to prepare. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to eat. Moreover, simple but fresh ingredients guarantee maximum flavor!

    Outside of these 20 finger food ideas for corporate catering, there are still a lot more options that are not listed. These are just some of the finger foods that will surely take your taste buds around the world. Good luck!

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    Linda Wolford
    Linda Wolford

    May 08, 2024

    I was browsing, looking for some finger food trays. I’m in Bardstown Kentucky. Are you anywhere near me?

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