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    4 min read

    Food Platter Varieties For Catering

    Planning for big events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, and other fancy gatherings can be a little bit of a hassle for those organizing it especially if it involves feeding a hundred or more people in attendance. However, you can conveniently hire a professional caterer to take care of these details. Catering is a professional business that provides food and beverages and much more to remote places for special events. Catering services do more from preparing, cooking and serving of food. It sometimes includes rentals of tables and chairs, installing decorations, music and party lights. You can say that catering has a complete package to offer on your particular needs.


    But how did the concept of catering came about? The word catering was created by merchant marines wherein they employed catering officers who were responsible for purchasing, preparing, cooking and serving food for crews and officers aboard their vessels. Catering in its early history was reserved for nobility were in the culture of grandiose eating and drinking were evident in countries like China and Egypt and the majority of the services were provided by slaves. During the Middle Ages in Europe, catering revolves around serving monasteries and groups of Christian believers. In the 18th century after the French revolution, as the economy suffered from losses of the war there were not many wealthy people around to cater for that’s why there was a need for catering associations to restart and find new ways to trade their talents. To fill this need, French restaurants came into existence. When World War II was over, catering became a booming industry as companies who were making food supplies for the soldiers need to continue their food business as a result when the economy grew and people becoming prosperous so did the catering industry that was no longer reserved in serving the very rich only. Today, catering services are very much available and affordable for everybody with the widespread of internet and different options online; you are only a touch of a fingertip away in having a successful and memorable event.


    You can browse on the types of catering that are tailored to your needs such as the type of catering that covers in-house events such as corporate events wherein it involves menu design and preparation, bouquet arrangements, setting up decorations and placing staffs in venues as needed.

    But if the events are more on a private mode like personal or company anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and occasional parties, the type of catering that is suited for this is the full private catering service wherein it covers the scope of menu planning, sampling, and preparation, dish creation, arranging of decors, rentals of cutlery and installing crew for serving food and after-party clean-up.

    If you are planning for an informal catering that needs only minimal staff with less preparation to involve for an office meeting, a meal program, or just plain fresh food to go for your teammates, you can avail for delivery service or have it catered in a platter or even request to be cooked fresh in your kitchen work site. This type of catering comes with a pre-set menu and cost less.

    Catering for platter variety can accommodate guests’ food preferences and expectations while being friendly on your budget. Platters are designed to be a perfect catering solution and a variety is important to suit your catering situations. It’s a type of catering that is cost-effective without sacrificing taste and guaranteed to satisfy every tummy.

    Here’s the different type of platters that you can enjoy.

    1. Meat platter

    It’s a party must-haves, also called grazing platter. It serves as a great appetizer for your party. It’s a go-to party platter where you can easily decide what kind of meat to include. It usually consists of deli meats like turkey, beef jerky, pork jerky, ham, chicken, sausages and other sliced meat that you prefer. However, if you want to level up your meat platter into a gourmet feel with nutritional value then you can load up your platter with refreshing fruits, vegetables such as romaine, tomatoes, mayo spreads or cheese dips and crunchy healthy nuts.

    2. Dips platter

    What is a platter without a dip? Platter dips are creamy and savory sauces that enhance the taste and push the flavor of your variety platters to avoid being dull and tasteless. There are plenty of dips to choose from like if you want it to be a healthy one you may want to go for artichokes avocado anchovy dip or butternut tahini yogurt dip. If you like to have that familiarity in taste you may opt for lemon parmesan dip, honey-mustard dip or homemade ranch dressing. It’s best to check with your caterer the kind of dips that goes well with your platter.

    3. Cheese and crackers platter

    Your cheese platter with crackers variety comes also with different kinds of cheeses like creamy, blue, crumbly, firm and smoked cheeses that make a more appealing taste. It can be a great appetizer served with assorted crackers and neat endings for a scrumptious meal. It is best served at the beginning of a casual meal or after the main course and before dessert.

    4. Fruit platter

    Fruits are a refreshing and colorful site to see on your food selections and a fruit platter is a convenient way of showcasing seasoned fresh fruits to make eating a little bit light. Fruit platters may include fruits that are plentiful in each season like melons, pineapples, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and other fruits in season. It is served as an appetizer and a sweet ending from a heavy meal.

    5. Sandwich platter

    The corporate sandwich platters are perfect for office parties or home gatherings. It’s an assortment of bread with hearty fillings that can satisfy a large group of people with different tastes. It can be a meat overload sandwiches, a vegetarian gourmet type or a combination of both.

    Knowing the type of platter variety catering you want to avail helps plan out, organizing, and budgeting for the style that fits your special events.

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