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  • March 10, 2020 4 min read

    Time goes very quickly not just when you are enjoying but also when you have to wake up early to get ready for the day. For moms, waking up before the sun rises is to prepare breakfast and packed lunches for her kids and husband. While for working professionals, to wake up early would mean getting ready for the daily grind by doing their morning rituals and as they rush on their way to the office they may never have the time to even prepare a packed lunch.

    You will agree to the saying, “The day always seems to be in a hurry” because there seems to be not enough time for busy workers. It’s like everything is on the rush.


    Time is a very vital element for a worker to accomplish tasks for the day ahead, may it be an employee or employer. To maximize time and productivity at work, some employees opt to do work over lunch while some prefer to eat inside the office to lessen the consumption of time spent by eating outside. It is recommended to try out some quick lunch ideas for work that you can bring to the office to save money and maximize efficiency while eating and working at the same time.

    Since summer is fast approaching, fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be available that will make great summer lunches for work. If you’re ready for warmer weather, here are some delicious corporate working lunch ideas for summer to kick start the season with a tasty meal plan.

    1. Bento Box


    Decades ago, the bento box has been introduced as a home-packed meal. Today, several restaurants are already presenting their menu using bento boxes because of the convenience and neatness it offers. The Bento Box idea was originated from Japan and is also common in China and Taiwan. It is an organized container with a single serving of rice, together with assorted sided dishes with different tastes and textures like fish, meat, and vegetables. It is meticulously plated on different partitions in the box. Bento box is a healthy, balanced and filling.

    2. Brioche Slider


    Brioche Slider Sandwiches are made up of Brioche bun with steam-grilled pork or beef patty layered with tomato and lettuce. Brioche came from the name of the bun that is being used to prepare this slider. It is a soft bread enhanced with butter, egg, milk, and sugar. Meanwhile, the word “slider” is an American term used for steam-grilled sandwiches. Various countries have adopted the idea, making their version of brioche sliders. It is a convenient lunch to bring to the office as it is a small hamburger to carry.

    3. Greek Salad


    Greek Salad, also known as, “Horiatiki Salad”, is composed of tomato, cucumbers, green peppers, feta cheese, olives, salt, olive oil, and oregano. It is considered as a summer food because of the fresh vegetables that grow in the summer. The combination of red, green, and white colors makes this salad appealing to those who will eat it. It is packed with healthy chunks and slices of healthy fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamins A and C. It makes an ideal working lunch for busy professionals.

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    4. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls


    Also known as the Nama (raw) Harumaki (spring roll) in Japan, frequently served as a light dish or appetizer. The rice paper is made out of wheat sheets that are eaten raw. It holds cooked seafood, vermicelli, herbs, and fresh vegetables together. Its flavor is enhanced with a sauce. The transparent rice paper makes this food more appetizing and delicious. It’s fresh, healthy and handy. Great for summer lunches at work.

    5. Seafood platter


    Seafood is a collective term for sea life that is safe to be consumed by human beings. A seafood platter includes lobster, crab, prawns, oysters, and clams with vinegar sauce, dressing, and lemons. Assorted seafood is steamed, grilled or baked together in one plate.

    But remember that it is not advisable to consume a large serving of seafood in one sitting. Make sure to share a platter with your family and friends for a healthier and more enjoyable experience. Share it with your colleagues for a working lunch idea for summer!

    6. Sushi


    Sushi platter is another Japanese dish that involves rolling all ingredients into one to make it easier to pick and eat. It consists of vegetables with either salmon, tuna, eel, or squid rolled into vinegared rice covered in a sheet of edible seaweed called nori. There are different varieties of sushi as there are numerous seafood and vegetables that can be used to prepare it. Some are not rolled in vinegared rice but instead are topped with thinly slices of fish like tuna, and salmon. It’s fresh and very filling for summer lunches at work.

    7. Vietnamese Banh Mi


    Banh Mi is the Vietnamese term for bread. It is a staple food in Vietnam. When stuffed with cucumbers, marinated chicken or pork, spicy chili, egg, and pickled vegetables, it is then referred to as “Vietnamese Banh Mi”. It is a type of baguette or a narrow loaf French bread sliced into two and filled with various ingredients. It is considered as one of the iconic street foods in Vietnam. It also a great working lunch for summer as it includes herbs and vegetables that are in season. It not only gives you a hearty lunch but also a balance of good protein and fiber.

    Working over lunch improves the efficiency and mood of the employees coupled with the right balance of work, fun, and food. Take advantage of summertime as it offers fresh produce that is perfect for working lunches. Our working lunch ideas for summer presented above are great choices that break the monotony of eating the same thing over and over. Most of them are easy to prepare, convenient to consume and easy on the budget. It will help you to put yourself together for the day ahead and sustain you with great energy, mental clarity and the will to keep going.

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