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  • January 15, 2020 6 min read 1 Comment

    Morning teas are a “knocker-uppers”! When you are at work and in need of a boost to get your mind on track with the workload you need to accomplish during the day, then a small snack that is eaten between breakfast and lunch will be your needed morning tea to jump-start your day.


    Ever tried working with your morning tea on hand and end up disappointed with the quality of the food? Well, those days are gone with Mr. T’s selection of delicious, colorful and appetizing morning tea foods that will certainly supercharge you.

    Serving foods that are clean, healthy, delicious and easily accessible is where Mt. T’s expertise stands for in corporate catering. Mr. T’s developed a well-balanced menu that covers all taste buds and even those with special dietary needs. Planning your perfect morning tea or afternoon tea at work will be a breeze with the help of Mr. T’s team of experts. You can be sure of a reliable food catering needs that only Mr. T’s can deliver.

    Here is the list of Mr. T’s yummy and excellent choices of morning tea catering ideas for work.

    Sweet treats are for the sweet tooth. It has a sense of comfort that goes with your morning and afternoon grind. It’s filling and can sustain you with even more energy the entire day.

    1. Freshly baked buttermilk scones

    A lightly sweetened scones served with jam and butter are crisp in the outside but soft and fluffy inside enough to easily spread the jam and the butter. Get ready with your hot beverages like coffee, tea or any kind of beverages of your choice because buttermilk scones are supposed to be eaten together with your favorite drinks. It will be the best and most delicious scones you’ve ever had.

    2. Lamingtons

    Who can even skip this iconic food? The soft sponge cake dipped in chocolate and covered with coconut is a sweet treat to your morning tea. Don’t be shy to munch with just one finger but enjoy two or three to get that good vibe running until the afternoon break. Lamingtons remain a well-loved food by Australians for so many years and it will be hard not to enjoy it in your morning tea.

    3. Sweet Aussie slices

    It will not come as a surprise that these sweet slices are popular picks that everyone loves in Australia. Mr. T’s sweet slices such as apple, hedgehog, and caramel are guaranteed baked fresh every day and use only high-quality ingredients. Mr. T’s catering slices include all these flavors in a box so you won’t have to miss out on these sweet delights.

    4. Fruit platter

    Feeling the team’s energy dipping downward? Have it fixed with Mr. T’s seasonal fresh fruit platter. Fruits are a natural source of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to keep going and be energized throughout the day. It is also low in fat and excellent in maintaining healthy eating. Mr. T’s fruit platter includes seasonal fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, melon, kiwi and orange. You can also customize it by having a combination of two or more of your favorite seasonal fruits in a platter.

    5. Viennese

    These delicate butter cookies are a classic for a morning or afternoon tea. It comes in two flavors, passion fruit, and chocolate. Each has a creamy and luscious filling in between the cookies that everyone can enjoy. Mr. T’s Viennese comes in a box of 10 fruit passion and 10 chocolate pieces. Be ready for a melt in your mouth experience with these elegant whirly cookies!

    6. Ring cakes

    Buttermilk cake shaped like a ring is a popular treat among kids and those young at heart. It’s moist and flavorful with layers of colorful icing filling inside and outside the cake. It’s one of Mr. T’s popular sweet treats perfect for dunking in your coffee or tea. Give your team some pleasure goodness in this delectable ring cakes. One ring cake makes for 4-5 servings.

    7. Mini cupcakes

    Don’t you just love mini food for catering? They are just likable in many ways. They are not as big as the cake but equally tasty and delicious. Very easy to handle as you can pick it up with your fingers and most of all they are a great partner to all kinds of drinks aside from alcoholic ones of course!. Your morning tea will not be complete with these cute little cakes. Mr. T’s offers a different flavor to suit your taste buds and recommends 4 mini cupcakes to fill a person’s appetite.

    Savory morning tea food ideas are considered to be a light meal for those that are on the go and busy during the day. It will keep your tummy full as you finish up your workload.

    1. Finger sausage and party pies

    Puffing hot and freshly baked are Mr. T’s finger food platter that is made by a qualified chef to ensure pies are perfectly baked and comes out juicy and crispy. Mr. T’s hot finger food pastries include 8 pieces American hot-dog wraps, 8 spinach feta rolls, 8 cheese and bacon rolls, 17 beef sausage rolls, and 6 pieces beef party pies. All come with a tasty tomato and barbecue sauce. Now, that’s an overload of goodness in a platter!

    2. Ribbon classic sandwiches platter

    Sandwiches are a great hunger overcomer. It can make you full for just having a bitty of it. Mr. T’s finger sandwich platter is made with a crust-less, soft and tasty bread base which you can choose between whole grain and multigrain. It can be enjoyed by 9-10 people with 5 to 6 finger pairs per person. Mr. T’s finger sandwiches platter comes in 50 finger sandwiches that include flavors like ham cheese tomato, chicken lettuce and mayo, roast beef with tomato relish sauce, silver-side with pickles, turkey with cranberry sauce, and 10% salad and cheese for vegetarians. You can also customize your finger sandwich platter if you want an exact amount of pairs to cater to vegetarian, vegan and those with special dietary requirements and keep them separated. One thing great about Mr. T’s finger sandwiches is that they make the best quality bread every day by their qualified bakers who start their shift at 2:00 am. Well, talk about freshness and Mr. T’s will never run out of fresh goodies each day.

    3. Croissants collection

    Croissants are bread shaped like a crescent that has a buttery and flaky texture and crispy to the bite. It’s great to have it in the morning meetings with coffee or tea. You can select from Mr. T’s croissant collection which includes fillings like ham cheese tomato and cheese tomato for vegetarians.

    4. Vegetarian quiches

    Vegetarian options will never be kept out when serving a morning tea at work. Mr. T’s famous spinach and feta quiche have 8 to 16 slices per box baked with quality ingredients included like good quality flour, spinach, feta, cheese, onion, nutmeg, pumpkin, milk, cream, vegetable oil, soybean, and seasonings. It is served cold for everyone to enjoy.

    5. Special dietary requirements

    People in your team have different requirements when it comes to eating right. Some may not need so much attention to their food while others need extra care when it comes to the food they eat. Special dietary requirements are a common consideration that caterer make in making their food available for those that need it. For vegetarian, meat and fish are a no-no while vegan stays away from all animal products and its by-products. There are also that can’t stand dairies because of intolerance or allergies to it and others need a gluten-free diet because of allergy to gluten that is found mostly in bread and pastries. With this dietary requirement, Mr. T understands that nobody should be left out when it comes to enjoying food especially those that have this special dietary requirement. They have a well-planned menu that caters to these needs. It includes gluten-free pastries, vegetarian sandwich fillings, and cakes that are dairy-free so that everybody will be satisfied and experience a worry-free meal.

    In today’s highly challenging work culture, employees must deliver a good work performance which has placed many employees under a lot of stress with long working hours. A morning tea ritual at work has significantly reduced some of these stresses and has been seen as one to have a positive effect in the workplace.

    Mr. T aims to provide healthy and comforting foods that will give ease among corporate employees who find food as a way of getting a breather from tons of tensions and pressures that a work can have.

    If you are looking for a quality cater in Brisbane, we are ready to serve you right in front of your door.

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