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    Yummy Staff Lunch Ideas That Won't Break The bank

    Running out of yummy working lunch ideas for your staff? Planning for your staff’s lunches may come as a challenge for some company especially serving for a large crowd but it’s a worthwhile effort and have some benefits to it. It’s important to choose the right and delicious food for your hardworking staff not only to enjoy but also to boost their morale and set up the standard of motivation in their work. Meals for your staff are also a way of showing your appreciation and dedication they put on their job. Boring monotonous food can only slow them down and may affect productivity. Who can even be inspired in eating the same soggy sandwich over again or a lifeless wilted salad? Clearly, it won’t be your staff.


    Mr T’s family understands the challenge that corporate is facing when it comes to providing a healthy variety of meals for their staff. Being Brisbane’s top catering specialist, Mr. T’s Bakery has helped thousands of clients have successful events by supplying phenomenal food and exceptional service. Here are some yummy staff lunch ideas that surely won’t break your bank.

    1. A mix of salads

    There is nothing more satisfying than eating a delicious, colorful and nutritious salad. Green salad is a must for lunches because it brings a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals to the plate. Your staff will surely benefit from the goodness it gives. It is also not very heavy on the tummy but perfectly hearty. You can start by choosing from the traditional favorites like Greek salad, creamy potato, and Caesar’s salad and work your way by selecting more contemporary and colorful salads like Asian chicken salad and roast pumpkin salad that has lively colors, sweet taste and soft texture perfect filling up tummies and satisfy hunger.

    2. Gourmet party pies and sausage rolls

    Party pies and sausage rolls are a type of savory pastries that are popular in Australia. In Mr. T’s Bakery, we take pride in preparing these cute little ones from scratch with our very own superb recipe ready-made by our top qualified bakers. We got a variety of flavors that you can enjoy as well. For a savory filling, we got lamb, chicken, beef, cheese and bacon to choose from or for a vegetarian taste we’ve got spinach feta cheese and broccoli-cauliflower pieces. We create a full range of sausage rolls and pies around the Brisbane area which makes it our best seller and our customers can’t get enough of our fresh and flavourful pastry puff wrap around our party pies and sausage rolls which we make to be the best in the world.

    3. Gourmet sandwiches and wraps

    Ordering sandwich trays for your team always a good idea. It is popular options among corporate catering lunch gatherings. It’s a quick substantial fix for your staff that are already hungry by lunchtime. It’s a good way to boost up their focus and concentration during your events’ afternoon session. Try some of the healthy fillings like smoked salmon, chicken breast, rare roast beef mixed with fresh salad, tomatoes, and lettuce. You can choose from vegetarian and gluten-free bread-like grained bread rolls, olive focaccia, and bagels for a traditional executive type of sandwiches.

    4. Banh mi and rice paper rolls - Vietnamese food


    If you need to fulfill a dietary requirement for your staff lunches, you can have optimal healthy choices by ordering Vietnamese food like Banh mi and rice paper rolls. Vietnamese cuisine is known to serve the healthiest food around the world. Banh mi is a healthier version of a sandwich. It is stuffed with crunchy vegetables, delicious meat, coriander, mayo, and pate. While rice paper rolls are a much lighter variant that includes fresh and crisp vegetables, herbs, vermicelli noodles with your choice of protein. Both are wholesome healthy food that works well to meet every dietary requirement.

    5. Sliders Buns

    This is not just another sandwich. Sliders are mini hamburgers that are convenient to handle and mess-free. It carries a familiar taste of the hamburger but with a much simpler food that includes a patty, bun and some variety of toppings that may go along with it like cheese, onion, bacon and special sauces. If your staff seems to lean on a wide range of taste then a slider is a perfect choice for your office lunches. It is a size bite goodness that is not too heavy to eat for an afternoon lunch but with a great tasting of burgers that everyone is familiar about.

    6. Sushi


    This is another popular option in feeding a crowd. Sushi is a complete meal on its own because it is packed with hearty ingredients that can satisfy everyone’s appetite. One great thing about sushi tray is that it has a variety of flavor that you can choose from and it is served always fresh by a professional chef because some ingredients like salmon and tuna need to be prepared as fresh as possible otherwise it can ruin the taste of sushi so freshness matters a lot for sushi.

    7. Mexican food


    Staff lunches should also be comforting as afternoon meetings can sometimes be overwhelming. Mexican food is the perfect comfort food to serve your staff lunch. It is hearty and satisfying as it is never short on flavors and it got also some serious sauces like various spicy salsa that can spike up some taste buds to be fully awake on an afternoon work.

    8. Poke bowl


    Staff lunches need not be boring to be healthy. A nutritious poke bowl is something that your staffs need to become more alert and concentrated for the rest of the afternoon. You can pair fresh green veggies and toppings with a fresh catch of ahi, salmon or octopus. It can keep your hungry staff full and afloat without the feeling of slowing them down.

    Level up your lunches by choosing food varieties that are healthy and satisfying to sustain your office staff with energy for the rest of the afternoon. Make the usual sandwich become a tasty gourmet or a wilted salad into a colorful and refreshing one. Healthy variety is the key to pump up more creativity in your choices.

    Loc Dang
    Loc Dang

    1 Response

    Yasmeen Ara
    Yasmeen Ara

    May 08, 2024

    Boxed food choices in workplaces are a game changer for people with hectic schedules and tight deadlines. When individuals are overworked, it’s all too usual for them to miss meals or settle for unhealthy snacks. Having a choice of alternatives, such as salads, sandwiches, and hot meals, available directly where workers work may save them important time and energy. Employers may foster a healthy work-life balance and keep employees energetic and focused throughout the day by providing nutritious and easy packed lunches in the office.

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