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  • What Food To Order On Australia Day?

    4 min read

    What Food To Order On Australia Day?

    When the much-awaited Australia day comes nearer on January 26, expect this holiday to be celebrated with awesome fun and exciting happenings which consist of concerts, parades, beach parties, barbeques, food showcases, and bake sales. For the most part, this holiday commemorates the things we love about Australia, land, freedom, and people. What follows are different festivities that unite families and friends over traditional foods that evolve into modern-day flavors that Aussie still enjoy unto this day.


    What food to order on Australia day? Many delicious foods are most popular in Australia with its classic, sweet and savory flavor that no one can even resist as not to try it. So stand proud and loud on Australia day celebration and give these classy Aussie favorites a taste to go.

    Meat Pies

    These Aussie favorites are one to stand out from the crowd, mini beef pies are suitable for any kind of family meals or office corporate catering events. It holds a steady place in the hearts and palate of Aussies. So they say that if you haven’t tested it yet then you are missing out a lot of being an Aussie. Its crispy crust is filled with ground beef and onions covered with tomato sauce. It is savory and gives a little kick of spiciness to make its presence much more enjoyable to eat.

    Sausage Rolls


    All the goodness is in the fluffy pastry of beef sausage rolls. If you are craving for a food that is filling and delightfully rich in taste that will satisfy each tummy then a sausage roll is a perfect treat for Australia day. You can have it as a mid-afternoon snack, light lunch or as a midnight snack if celebrating round the clock.

    Snags on the Barbie


    Celebration for Australia day is not complete without barbeques. Down under it calls for a “snags” to be barbequed which refers to a classic barbequed sausage. Sizzling sausages have become a mainstay in any gathering that brings family and friends together. Breakaway from a traditional pork or beef barbie and give this appetizing sausage snags a splash of tomato sauce over a slice of bread for a heavenly taste.



    What a grandeur way of celebrating Australia day with roasted or grilled lamb served on the table. It will surely please the crowd and satisfy the meat lovers. Whether you prefer the shoulder or leg part of the lamb, you can toast up the tender meat of lamb to create a flavorful and beautiful crunchy crust that your family and friends can truly enjoy. It’s a classic and Australia day will never be complete without serving it.

    Fresh Prawn Platter


    Aussies love their prawns fresh that’s why a good bucket of fresh prawns filled with ice is a good way to start up the party and freshly peeled prawns with a splash of lemons will send out the crowd for a wild one. You can also throw in the prawns for a good barbie which are the perfect partner with chili and zesty dips that gives it a little kick and good full flavors enough to make your guests anticipate a livelier and fun-filled feast.


    A big bowl of salads is a great inclusion for your barbeques on Australia day. Take advantage of the fresh salad produce that Australia can offer on this season. Tossing up some mangoes and prawns together with a good vinaigrette or dressing up some potato salads that go with everything will give a refreshing side for your grilled meat.



    When there are celebrations sandwich platter are the easiest food to prepare. It provides layers of delicious fillings sufficient to serve a crowd. It is also a very convenient food to carry around as guests mingle with each other. Great for potlucks on your way to concerts or parades on Australia day.


    vegemite toast

    What a better way to celebrate Australia day by having this iconic food spread served on your toast, sandwiches, and crackers. You can add also vegemite as ingredients in your soup stocks, meat pies, and pastries or you can just eat it plainly in a spoonful directly from the jar. Give your highest regard to this famous spread because it has served Australia’s armed forces well during world war II by rationing it at home to meet the demands in providing Aussie’s troops of nutritional value such as vitamin B and that’s why it is best-loved by many Australians unto this day. So don’t go skipping on vegemite on Australia day and make every spread a memorable one.


    This is one of the edible symbols of being an Australian. The lamington has been around for a century already as being invented by Queensland’s governor at the time, Lord Lamington where the name for this food came about. The soft square-shaped sponge cake covered with coconut is a popular sweet indulgence among Australians and a perfect sweet ending for a hearty meal. Whether you take it as an afternoon or mid-day snack or a dessert, it is always an ideal companion of tea and coffee.



    There are many claims as to where Pavlova originated but history has it that it was invented in honor of the ballerina Anna Pavlova who visited Australia in the 1920s. Whichever way it came about there is no doubt that Pavlova has won the sweethearts of many Australians. This meringue-based dessert with a crispy crust and soft light center filled with cream and decorated with fresh fruits is the ultimate sweet treats on Australia day and it will be hard to let it go by to any celebrations.

    So that’s it! Those are the list of foods that you can order on Australia day. To make it more successful start preparing for it because it can get really busy during this season. The key is to plan to enjoy the sweet times and good taste with your family and friends. There’s nothing more enjoyable than to be together with each other as you celebrate and acknowledge the contribution of each Australians for the success of a dynamic nation.

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    Loc Dang

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