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    4 min read

    Food Catering Ideas For 1st Birthday Party

    Parents are excited to see their babies growing every minute. They make sure that every amount of time and love are focused on their cute little ones. So when the time has arrived for their baby’s 1st birthday, you can be sure that parents will be hands-on and all out to make their baby’s first milestone a memorable and enjoyable celebration. Yet for some, planning for their 1st baby’s birthday can be mentally overwhelming especially if this is the first they are going to do it. Since it is a milestone celebration, expect it to have a large guest list and often times the pressure of what to serve is the main concern of every parent.


    To help out parents on this concern, we are successful in advising parents to choose a menu that is right for the birthday celebrants and their guests which are little kids with their parents. It is good to serve foods that are not messy and easy to handle like finger foods which toddlers can easily eat and other parents can snack on while they run around to chase their bundle of joy. It is also worthy to keep in mind to stay away from foods that can stain, skewers that can create accidents and foods that are messy and easily spilled. Go for hearty, healthy and wholesome foods that can be served to everyone. Another thing to consider is that little kids are likely to pour out their energy in playing rather than eating when at a party. Just a few bites from them and they are all pumped up to enjoy the games so there’s no need to prepare a lot of food for these age group rather it will be the adults who are more likely to enjoy the foods.


    For your guide, we have a list of food for this special event that you can follow and prepare for yourself or have it catered. Over the years, we have been successful in bringing delicious 1st birthday party foods that caters for party food for the birthday baby and their friends and party food for attending older kids and adults.

    For the celebrants and friends menu

    1. Tea sandwichessandwich catering platters always the perfect ideas and the most popular choice, they are easy to handle, soft and tasty that little ones will enjoy. It is best to prepare these an hour before the party so the bread is kept fresh. You can make it also into whatever attractive fun shapes that appeal to the sight of little kids. Make sure not to overfill the sandwich with your choice of sandwich spreads or fillings so that it won’t get too messy. You can include fillings like cream cheese and cucumber, mashed avocado, tuna, ham, and cheese. You can also try grated cheese with chutney, chopped hard boil eggs with margarine and vegemite.

    2. Mini cupcakes – Little ones love mini cupcakes. They are flavorful and a sweet treat for them. Go for the all-time favorite mini cupcakes like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet topped with buttercream frosting. This tiny irresistible treat will be a sure hit to the celebrants and his friends. Click to see more finger food catering ideas for your party

    3. Fresh fruits – Your baby’s 1st birthday will not be complete without a dose of healthy stuff for the celebrant and his friends. Fresh seasonal fruits come with tons of vitamins that are good for babies. You can serve them in a platter or in a cup. Fresh fruits platter can include berries, small pieces of cantaloupe, apple slices and halved grapes. Just make sure that it is served in bite-sized pieces that little children can chew easily.

    4. Devilled eggs – Eggs are soft for babies to chew and so tasty for them to like it even more. It can easily be grasp in bite-sized pieces. You can serve it on a pretty platter to make it more appetizing for sweet little ones.

    For adults and older child menu

    1. Party pies and sausage rolls - As they say and we agree that no kid’s party is complete without party pies and sausage rolls. They are irresistible and flavorful mini variants of the full-size version of pies and rolls specifically served in parties because they are easier to eat and just all around tasty. These foods are loved by kids but grown-ups are more likely to fill their plates with lots of it. They come in different flavors like party beef pies that are filled with lean beef mince garlic and seasoning that is drizzled with cheese sauce on top or party sausage rolls that are filled with special spiced beef with minced onion flakes and breadcrumbs. Whatever flavors you choose from, it will surely be a party blockbuster.

    2. Vietnamese rice paper roll – This is a special healthy roll that you can serve for parents. They are awesomely fresh loaded with herbs and salads and filled also with good protein. It comes with a dressing that is refreshingly light without oil. They are easy to handle and messy free. These are soft, chewy and downright healthy that is perfect for parents and older children to eat while providing energy for them to catch on their running energetic toddlers.

    3. Mini Lorraine or spinach pumpkin quiches - Mini Lorraine are made of bacon, onions, and cheese in a tiny pie crust. It is perfect in a brunch party setting as a mini appetizer and finger food. It’s a delicious way of eating protein and vegetables in one food. Spinach pumpkin quiches are vegetarian that is an ideal food to serve in parties because of its healthy side without compromising its delicious taste. It got the super wholesome nutrition from spinach and pumpkin with that is satisfying and comforting for adults and older children to munch.

    Your baby’s 1st birthday party need not be a stressful one. You can easily prepare them with some guides and help you can get from your friends and relatives. It’s a celebratory milestone of your baby so make it memorable and eventful with the celebrant as the main center of attention and nothing else. So enjoy it while it lasts.

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