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18th And 21st Birthday Cakes - Brisbane Delivery

  • Birthdays are celebrated and remembered each year but what makes the 18th and 21st birthday a significant one for the celebrant? Does it offer special privileges to boys and girls who reach this age?This is the coming of age for boys and girls celebrating their 18th and 21st birthday. They are no longer the playful little kids but are now considered by law to be young adults. This is the time in their lives that their opinions matter, may partake in adult activities and exercise the rights for being in the legal age. They can now engage in all legal functions such as the right to vote, sign contracts, take on a loan or open a bank account, hold a steady job, leave home and marry. This also the time that trust and confidence are given to them as matured and responsible individuals that are ready to take on greater duties and obligations in their lives.
  • The 18th and 21st birthday are truly a major milestone to be celebrated. What other better way to celebrate it is of course to have a birthday cake! Cakes are like a universal symbol to parties and any kind of celebrations. You cannot hold a birthday party without having a cake no matter what shape and size, it will always be an epitome of this wondrous celebration.
  • At Mr T’s bakery, you will find beautiful cake designs perfectly made for these ages. We make our cake from out of the finest ingredients that are baked freshly every day by our skillful cake decorators that finish it off with intricate designs that you will love. Our team of cake decorators put time and devotion creating and designing spending hours to give you flawless cakes that are unique and tasty compared to others. The photos of the cakes that you see on this page are the actual cake products that we serve and was photographed by Mr T’s dedicated team.

Mr. T’s bakery is geared towards the goal of making customers happy and satisfied. We got many designs that you can choose from and are guaranteed fresh and delicious for your 18th or 21st birthday cake. We wish everyone to have a great birthday celebration by offering cakes that are affordable and easy on the budget. Ordering is also a breeze. Our customers can order online using our modern website and do the payment in just a click of a button. For pick-up orders, just choose the date and time and for delivery just fill out your address or where you want it delivered around Brisbane. That’s how easy and efficient to transact online at Mr. T’s bakery.



For cake deliveries, we deliver to Brisbane CBD and around all suburbs, please order 2-3 days in advance. For urgent cake order, you may call (07) 3356 8221, an additional fee may apply.

Mr T’s bakery is located at corner Cranberry st and Thomas st, Grange, 4051 Grange, QLD, Australia.




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