Medium Triangle Sandwich Platter - 36 Points/Platter

4 - 6 points/person. 36 points in this platter

List of all the flavors:

  • Ham, cheese, tomato
  • Chicken, lettuce, mayo
  • Roast beef, tomato relish sauce
  • Silverside with pickles
  • Turkey with cranberry sauce
  • 10% Salad and cheese (vegetarian)

Easy to order for a medium group (6-8 people), we will automatically include 10-15% vegetarian points. But you can let us know in special instruction box for numbers of people with special dietary. For example: 3 vegan people, 4 gluten-free people,... We will keep these sandwiches in separate labeled box.

Bread we use to make sandwich: white, wholemeal and multigrain, which is made fresh and baked daily at our bakery, we do not use any bread supplies.