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Large Triangle Sandwich Platter - 55 Points/Platter

4 - 6 triangle pairs/person. 55 sandwich pairs in this platter

List of all the flavors:

  • Ham, cheese, tomato
  • Chicken, lettuce, mayo
  • Roast beef, tomato relish sauce
  • Silverside with pickles
  • Turkey with cranberry sauce
  • 10% Salad and cheese (vegetarian)

One of the most popular and classic sandwich platter provided by us. With varieties of filling flavors and bread base (white, wholemeal and multigrain), this platter is easy to share and enjoy together, suitable for any kind of events, from team meeting, working lunch, picnic or simply a family meals,...

You can let us know in special instruction box for numbers of people with special dietary. For example: 3 vegan people, 4 gluten-free people,... We will keep these sandwiches in separate labeled box. Otherwise we will automatically make 10-15% vegetarian pairs (salad and cheese).

Delivered to Brisbane CBD and suburbs around.