Big Mini Frittatas Collection (GF) - 40 frittatas/box

4 gluten-free flavor frittatas in this collection:

  • Bacon spinach feta cheese (GF)
  • Chicken cooked with Italian herbs and mushroom (GF)
  • Tradition frittatas with steam veggies (GF)(V)
  • Pumpkin cheddar (GF)(V)

Pretty sure these mini sized frittatas will be a center-piece on your table. Made fresh and baked daily from our qualified chef will not let you down. Also a healthy meals with 2 vegetarian options, easy to pick, easy to share. 

We recommend 3-4 frittatas per serve/person.

Note: cool serve

Mr T's Bakery are providing quality finger food platters for all kind of events for office, contact us today for any questions.