Best Seller Focaccia Sandwiches - By Serves

Minimum order: 6 serves/people

3 pairs per serve/person

A list of all flavors will have in your box

  • Ham with mustard sauce
  • Turkey with cranberry sauce
  • Roast beef with Mango chutney sauce
  • Chicken with sweet chili and mayo sauce
  • Silverside and pickles sauce
  • 10% vegetarian pair pieces

Welcome to Sandwiches world from Mr. T's. We have more than 15 years experiences in making varieties of sandwiches. One of the out famous and best sellers made from Focaccias bread (with extra melted cheese and roast Italian herbs on top) and so many flavors of sauces and protein choices covered in a catering Focaccias box, pretty sure will please all people in your group.