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Nigiri Sushi Platter - 38 pieces/platter

7 flavors of Nigiri sushi for any kind of catering events:

  • Steam prawn Nigiri (6)
  • Egg Nigiri with nori (V) (6)
  • Pulled pork Nigiri (6)
  • Roast beef with onion and special sauce (5)
  • Fish roe nigiri with cucumber (5)
  • Salmon nigiri (5)
  • Diced prawn with avocado Nigiri (5)

Try different catering style with our Nigiri sushi platter, your team will love it. Sushi is one of the most popular finger food that easy to share and taste, specially for working lunch, meeting and any training sessions. 

Chopsticks, mayonnaise, and wasabi will include in your sushi catering platter

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