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Maki Sushi Rolls Platter - 56 pieces/platter

List of flavors in maki platter: 56 maki rolls

  • 8 x coleslaw maki rolls (vg)(v)(df)
  • 8 x avocado lettuce maki rolls (vg)(v)(df)
  • 8 x cucumber salad maki rolls (vg)(v)(df)
  • 8 x spring tuna, mayo with salad maki rolls
  • 8 x crumb chicken with mayo
  • 8 x pulled pork, coleslaw with BBQ sauce
  • 8 x roasted sliced beef with onion and mayo

This sushi platter includes soy sauce, wasabi, chopsticks, pickle ginger. Please let us know if you do not need it.

Popular sushi rolls dish with all in one platter, easy to share for your crew. Maki sushi means rolled in a perfect nori sheet (we use roasted seaweed) and then cut into equal rolls.

Sushi is the most famous meal in the world and ordered a lot through any kind of catering sessions as it is a healthy platter and meet special dietary requirements.

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