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Corporate Catering
  • Sandwich Platter

  • Morning - Afternoon Tea

  • Finger Food

  • Fresh Salad

  • Full Catering Menu

  • Lunch Rolls Collection - 27 pieces

    We recommend 3-4 pieces per person.

    A good collection to start with for a group of 6-7 people

    Maki sushi rolls flavors:

    • Sesame black and white with egg rolls (vegetarian)
    • Chicken schnitzel with fish roe
    • Smoked Salmon Maki rolls

    Mixed flavor for 15 wraps:

    • Roast beef with veggies
    • Grilled chicken with veggies
    • Ham with veggies
    • Bbq pork coleslaw
    • Cheese and salad (vegetarian)

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