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Individual Foccacia Sandwich Packs - Start From 5 Packs - $9.8 each

1 container of 3 Foccacia pieces/person/serve

3 random flavors will have in your pack:

  • Ham with mustard sauce
  • Turkey with cranberry sauce
  • Roast beef with Mango chutney sauce
  • Chicken with sweet chili and mayo sauce
  • vegetarian pair pieces

Foccacia sanwiches - this is what our bakery famous for, traditional Foccacia special recipe is made fresh and baked daily by our qualified bakers just before we start filling creations while the bread still warm.

Note: please let us know how many packs of vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free,... (optional) in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. They will be made and labelled carefully.