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  • Gourmet Seafood Sushi Platter - 41 pieces

    A corporate sushi platter for anyone who is a big fan of seafood, with 7 different tastes - 41 seafood bites sushi

    • Diced prawn with avocado nigiri (5)
    • Salmon nigiri (5)
    • Crab sticks with cucumber maki rolls (6)
    • Fish roe with nori nigiri (5)
    • Big crumbed prawn with salad maki rolls (8)
    • Straight steam prawn nigiri (6)
    • Spring tuna nori nigiri (6)

    Try the Japanese catering style with this high-end quality seafood sushi platter, it never bring you down, make fresh just before this platter out of delivery to your office. We will include chopsticks, wasabi, mayo and you sauce, so please let us know if you do not need them.

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