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  • Our Best Banh Mi - Made From Scratch Daily!

    Enhance your food journey with Brisbane's best Banh Mi! Experience the tantalising flavours of Vietnam's popular street food at our bakery located in the vibrant heart of Fortitude Valley. Banh Mi, a rising star in global cuisine, guarantees a unique blend of textures and tastes that will transport you directly to the dynamic streets of Vietnam with each bite. Join the ever-growing community of foodies and Banh Mi lovers and discover the unmatched taste of our authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi today!

    Why Our Banh Mi - Vietnamese Baguette Stands Out

    • Made From Scratch: What sets our Banh Mi apart? It's our dedication to quality. Every day, our dedicated bakers start their craft at 2am, pouring love and meticulousness into making the dough for our signature crispy baguettes. Because we believe in starting from scratch to deliver you not just a sandwich, but a truly fresh, handcrafted Banh Mi experience.
    • Fresh, Quality Ingredients: We're passionate about flavor. Our Banh Mis are packed with crunchy, pickled vegetables, vibrant coriander, spicy chilis, and your choice of succulently roasted pork or other fillings, all made from the freshest ingredients.
    • The Perfect Crunch: It’s not just a sandwich; it’s an experience. Our Banh Mi offers the ultimate crunch factor, paired with the tender, flavorful filling of your choice. It’s a perfect balance of textures that will have you coming back for more.
    • A Fusion of Flavors: Our Banh Mi is an explosion of flavors in every bite. The combination of the savory meat, including crackling roast pork, shredded chicken or lemongrass beef with tangy pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, and spicy sauces creates a unique blend that will tantalize your taste buds.

    Located in Fortitude Valley

    Whether you're on a quick lunch break or a leisurely food adventure, our convenient Fortitude Valley location makes it easy for you to enjoy the best Banh Mi in Brisbane. Avoid the wait by ordering online in advance – perfect for those busy days when you crave efficiency without compromising on taste.

    For the Ultimate Banh Mi Experience

    1. Visit Us at 159 Knapp St, Fortitude Valley: Immerse yourself in the bright, welcoming atmosphere of our bakery where every Banh Mi is a masterpiece of flavor.
    2. Order Online: In a hurry? Place your order online for a fast, seamless takeaway experience. Your perfect lunch is just a click away!

    Our Promise to You

    At our heart, we are food lovers who believe in the joy of eating. Our commitment to quality, freshness, and the authentic flavors of Vietnam is unwavering. We're not just making Banh Mi; we're bringing a piece of Vietnamese culinary tradition to Brisbane for you to savor and enjoy.

    Ready for the Taste of Authentic Banh Mi?

    Come Visit Our Bakery today and prepare to be delighted by the flavors, freshness, and fast service at Brisbane's premier destination for Banh Mi lovers.

    Don't just take our word for it. Experience the crunch, the flavor, and the tradition at our Fortitude Valley bakery. Your taste buds will thank you!