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Wedding Cakes In Brisbane

  • Weddings are an intimate ceremony of two people lovingly united in a marriage where overflowing happiness and joy of the couple are shared by family and friends. But even before you get to celebrate this momentous day in your life, there’s a lot of preparation involved to pull off this occasion into a memorable one. Weddings are usually tied-up with customs and traditions and one of them is having a ravishing wedding cake.

  • Wedding cakes represent fertility in Ancient Romans and have evolved to become part of the wedding traditions that we are familiar with today. It's important to have a perfect cake for your big day but it shouldn’t mean to spend a fortune for you to have one. How?

  • Welcome to Mr. T’s Bakery, your one-stop shop for that gorgeous, perfect dream cake you will ever have that will work within your budget. You can choose from our variety of cakes that we specifically designed for weddings. We have the traditional designs to a simple one colored cakes but we also welcome in creating your preferred unique style.

Wedding Cakes In Brisbane With Low Budget And Save Time

  • Our dedicated and talented team of cake decorators only uses the finest ingredients from baking to decorating the cake and we do it from scratch giving you a 100% guarantee that our cakes are not just fabulous but are always fresh and tasty. Another edge that our shop is unique compared to other wedding cake shops in Brisbane is that we do value your time to save costs. We put up a system that allows you to browse on our wedding cake style menu and choose the cake you desire and the size that will fit the number of guests you have with just a click online. It’s that fast and simple!
  • One more thing is our wedding cake very unique, not complicated but still beautiful, easy to handle, low cost and time saving, we just need 2 business days ahead for process your wedding cake.

Questions About Our Wedding Cakes You May Have

1. How big should my cake be?

  • This will depend on the number of guests. In the design that you choose from our menu, it will already indicate different sizes for the cake and how many servings per person will the cake make.

2. How many days will I order in advance?

  • Compared to other wedding cake shops that usually take one month to reserve a cake, at Mr. T’s Bakery we only require just 2 working days in advance to order either online or by calling us on phone. That’s how efficient we are in valuing and saving your time.

3. Are all the details included when ordering online?

  • Yes it is. All details are included like the cake you choose, the size, the delivery time or pick-up time in our store. Payment methods are also included online.

4. Do you set-up the cake at the venue?

  • Sorry to say No and you do not need it, our cakes already packed as it is and no further set-up steps require, simply pick-up from us or get it delivered to your venue then you can open your wedding cake box and place it where ever you like by your self.




Have a look at our cake designs menu, click over the cake you wish to continue.



Choose the cake product options like flavours, cake sizes, adding special intructions for us (optional). Then click Add To Cart



Cart pop-up, choose continue shopping or go to check-out page to finish.



_Choose pick-up/delivery.

_Choose date and time

_We delivery to all Brisbane suburbs around



-Fill your details and make secure payment online.

All done, now check your e-mail for a confirmation and you can download a receipt as well !!!! Thank you

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