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Naked Cakes - Drip Cakes

What is made a perfect naked cake

From nothing to little icing frosting outside of the cake, a key for many successful celebrations. There are two types of naked cake: "completely naked cake" or "semi-naked cake," any style you choose is both stunning but straightforward and taste.

The other popular cake style is drip cakes, also known as "dripper", the drip is mostly made of melting chocolate, this method is used for many of themed cakes from a birthday, wedding, baby shower and more.

At Mr T's Bakery, you can find a range of naked cakes combined with drip cakes, they are a perfect and popular combination that we make many.

naked cakes drip cakes

Order A Cake On Your Day With Us

Every day at the bakery, we always test new, customized cakes to meet our customers' inquiries. From the designs, the colors to match your day theme, so we promise to make the best cake that will be a centerpiece on your table. With the new website interface, Mr T's team will bring you the next level for ordering online, we value your time and always work on it.

Simply Order In Minutes Just In 5 Steps

Step 1: have a look at a naked/drip cake you wish, then click over

Step 2: pick the cake size, flavors, type your writing (message) will be on the cake, options for a card, candles,.... The price will dynamically change

Step 3: choose pick-up or delivery, then leave us a date and a time-frame.

Step 4: fill out your details, finish payment. Then we take care of the rest, we have many customers over the world using our platform to make a cake for someone they love in Brisbane.

Step 5: check your e-mail for confirmation and a tax receipt.

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