French Assorted Macaroons - Start from 1 Dozen - $42/Dz

We recommend 3 macaroons/serve/person

A sweet ending for a hearty meal is the mixed flavor macaroons. Macaroons are a bite-sized meringue base confection made of egg whites. It is loaded with sweetness that comes from truffle filling flavors. It has a light crust, chewy and soft in texture. Macaroons are a delectable treat to satisfy a sweet tooth and an enjoyable companion for a relaxing morning or afternoon tea. The best news is that it has fewer calories than cupcakes so you can indulge freely on all the melt in your mouth goodness of it. Give in to these good macaroons

Macarons ingredients: egg whites, flavours (blueberry, lemon, orange, vanilla, strawberry,...) flavoured truffle filling.