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  • October 16, 2019 4 min read

    Now that the year is nearing to a close, we are confident that we will see a big bang for the coming 2020 in terms of food trends in corporate catering. We have seen a lot of great food trends in the past where more than ever, mindful menu and conscious choices for food are on the rise. Eco-friendly food choices are in demand as the love for the environment is making its way to have an impact on people. Recycled materials are used to protect the environment that’s why it is not uncommon to see recycled or biodegradable utensils being used in corporate catering.

    We are also seeing more customers that are into healthy living and wanting more fresh and healthy menu options. They want more of a freshly prepared healthy food but never short of a heavenly taste. Enjoying foods comes with good interaction as well that’s why food stations and table spreads are good options for encouraging social interaction and personal mingling with colleagues, friends, and family.


    To give customers the best catering experience, we have run down lists of nutritious and delicious food trends that will keep you glued into your seat and get the most amazing culinary feel on your corporate events for the year 2020.

    Mini baguettes and sliders

    Typical triangle sandwiches and boring store-bought sandwiches are out and in with the mini baguettes and sliders. These little cute yummy and drool-worthy bread and buns get versatile with the various filling it can serve up. It is mess-free, easy to handle and a grab-to-mingle-with your colleagues kind of bread. It’s a crowd-pleaser that can create a fresh and wholesome treat to your corporate events.

    Grazing platters

    Ever since Asian flavors have penetrated the diverse foreign palates, grazing platters and boards have also been a successful hit in corporate catering events. Cheese platters, antipasto platters, they offer a wide array of small bite food choices from delightful cheeses, cured meats, crackers, cold cuts, and grilled vegetables to a well-embraced Asian taste of sushi that comes in meat, vegetables and seafood varieties. What is good about grazing platters is you cannot go wrong with it because it has everything to satisfy everyone’s taste buds in one platter. It’s a catering set up that helps in enticing your teammates and guests to continue their pacing of comfortable mingling and conversing with people around as they help themselves with some food appetizers of their choice. It’s convenient, pleasant and easy to reach set up that will give a lot of social benefits to your teammates.


    Poke bowls

    Another food trend that is coming out with its potential is the ever prevalent poke bowl that originated from Hawaii making its popular taste well-known around Melbourne’s corporate catering. It is pronounced as poh-keh which means to cut or slice a chunk of raw marinated fish usually a tuna that is laid on rice as a base. This has eventually become Hawaiian style sushi but much easier to eat. So what’s appealing about poke bowl? It offers a great deal of flavor and an unbelievable nutritious meal in a single bowl making it a perfect food suited for your colleagues and guests with special dietary requirements. It got tuna, rice, colorful healthy vegetables, shaved onions and seaweeds seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, and lemon. Give this trend a try even if you are not crazy with fish other options are available that could adjust to your choice of meat like chicken, tofu or steak.


    Sushi platter

    Corporate catering for events is now more inclined in a grab and go type of food which is a quick and easy way to accommodate busy employees and staff. Usually, they just go to the event to grab a quick bite and make connections after which they go back to their work. For such a busy lifestyle there should be reliable food they can quickly grab on that will provide them sustenance and energy to keep up with their busy schedule. For this reason, sushi platter is the next big trend for corporate catering. These small-sized foods are a complete meal in just one bite. It got the goodness of meat from fish, fresh veggies and fruits but can be customized following your preference in the fillings. Sushi does not only have a delicious taste to it but also carries tons of nutritional value like omega 3 fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins that are ideal for the active and engaged workforce.

    Vietnamese Catering

    More people are being aware that health do matters and seeing the effect of a healthy choice of food will further push corporate to be conscious of menu choices for their next events. Healthy foods need not be boring especially if it is offered in a corporate event. So, for an exquisite taste with a healthy twist, the Vietnamese rice paper rolls got what it takes to be on the top trend in catering industry. It is refreshing, full of flavors with fresh herbs and protein. It will surely be a crowd favorite that everybody will fall in love with even a hardcore carnivore may not be able to resist its goodness. It is easy to eat, convenient to bring around and an attractive piece of food that could elevate your appetite to a notch.


    Eco Food Packaging

    Aussies nowadays are truly mindful of what’s going on to their environment and are much more involved in the preservation of it. It is with conscious effort that they are now aware of where their foods are coming from or whether the plastic or Styrofoam that was used as food packaging will not get caught on a turtle’s nose or attract hungry dolphins to death.

    At Mr. T’s Bakery, we are continuously making an effort to use recyclable and reusable cutlery and choose sustainable options to avoid food waste and carbon footprints by using seasonal ingredients. We also adopted a sustainable catering method using the green leaf rating wherein suppliers are reviewed and surveyed and be given high leaves rating depending on their effort to supply materials that adhere to the environment protection and safety.

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