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  • July 24, 2019 4 min read

    Nutrition experts throughout the years have given emphasize on breakfast to be significant in starting the day right. It not only gives us the proper cognitive functions to perform our jobs better but it also contributes to our overall well-being. Sadly though, breakfast can sometimes be neglected because many people tend to skip breakfast as they rush and scramble to get to work on time.

    Fortunately, breakfast meetings are on the rise as businesses recognize the benefits of having breakfast in the morning with their teams. It’ll keep them motivated to go early at work when you offer them an exciting breakfast treat. A nice catered breakfast boosts up the team’s morale and can make your team be engaged and be productive for the whole day. Importantly, the feeling of inclusiveness and support from the management will not go unappreciated. Simply put, a happy tummy creates happy people and happy people perform well in their jobs.




    When considering a comprehensive healthy breakfast, try making a balance on some good carbs and protein. Carbs give your body the energy and fuels the brain to take on the day while protein helps sustain you to outlast the day. On winter days, it’s good to have some comfort foods around for breakfast with tea or coffee to go along with it to shake loose the winter blues. The on the go and grab option for breakfast is a good idea for the sales team as they get off early in the meetings. There are so much breakfast offerings that you can choose from and catering ideas are welcoming possibilities that meet and satisfy every dietary need of your team.

    To give you more creative ideas in breakfast catering whether if it’s your first time to host an office meeting or just want to try something new, we got you covered with these 7 breakfast catering ideas for your office that would yield everyone’s perfect morning.

    The most popular platter for any breakfast event. A sandwich is consists of vegetables along with sliced meat and cheese that is placed in between slices of bread. It is potable food to grab and go. It can be prepared with simple ingredients or you can make it as elaborate depending on the dietary requirements of your team. Sandwiches are good to cover almost all nutritional needs you can pull off like if your team fancy vegan food, you can create a vegetarian version or if the team needs a protein boost then you can make an all meat varieties or maybe a combination of the two worlds to cater for both needs in one sandwich

    2. Party Pies and Mini Sausage Rolls - If you need it hot and piping, party pies, and sausage rolls are the way to go. Serving it in a buffet type for an informal breakfast corporate meeting is a pleasant and convenient idea for this kind of finger food. The team can self-service themselves with these delicious, hot, filling and flaky pastries as much as they want because finger foods are easily eaten and enjoyed as they go about their morning briefing.



    3. Jam drops and chocolate cookies - When it comes to cookies, it doesn’t get much classier than a good old jam drops and chocolate cookies. Jam drops come in different fillings like strawberry and raspberry while chocolate cookies are for chocolate lovers to indulge. If choosing for cookies to offer on breakfast meeting is a tough one, we have put up a catering tray with a wide selection of delicious and delightful conference-style cookies. A cookie for a morning tea is an edible means to an effective meeting.



    4. Scones – This is another great idea to add to your breakfast fruit platter. Scones are usually made of wheat, barley, or oatmeal which has a buttery aroma which is ideal to spread with some jam, cream cheese or butter on it. You can have it in sweet and savory kind or light and healthy for the breakfast meeting that won’t weigh you down and make you feel heavy in the morning. It is best partnered with energy booster coffee, tea or fresh fruit juices.

    5. Breakfast Muffins

    Who can even go wrong with breakfast muffins? Breakfast muffins are a classic breakfast must-haves. It has all kinds of a mixture from hearty and savory to light and sweet mini varieties. It’s a make-ahead breakfast and a quick fix for a busy morning. It’s certified to satisfy group pallets that are easy to grab during a corporate business meeting, training or conference. For more flavorful and healthy muffins you can order for apple cinnamon muffins and chunky chocolate muffins. Apple cinnamon muffin has a sweet tangy crunch of apples that comes with a comforting aromatic smell of cinnamon. This muffin while yummy chunky chocolate muffins will fulfill cravings for a moist, hearty and tender crumb as it is oozing with chunky chocolate chips and nuts.

    6. Croissants – The idea of having croissants for breakfast meetings is something you can be proud to serve and eat. It is a comfy food that you could bring around while you exchange pleasantries with other team members before a seminar or training. It tastes good with its buttery flaky texture and comes with assorted flavors for every mood. Croissants are perfect breakfast meetings “pick me up” to jumpstart the day right.


    7. Mini Cupcakes


    Supercharge your breakfast meetings with the assortment of mini cupcakes. Mini cupcakes are a perfect bite-sized version of cakes. It has different flavors and colorful frosting that will brighten up a morning meeting.

    The key really for a successful breakfast catering is having more options as possible on your menu. You can try out a mix of hot or cold food including meat and vegetable products that can satisfy all your team’s cravings and appetites. Likewise, the food on your menu should be relatively simple as not to become much of a mess that will distract employees on eating them. Get more what food ideas for your team. Just click to the link



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