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  • July 22, 2019 5 min read

    Have you ever feel hungry in the middle of your work and could not focus on doing your job right? Or do you feel the need to boost up your energy to keep up with the long hours of work? Eating healthy snack for work is a quick fix to keep you going throughout the day. Eating in between meals can ease out those hungry pangs and sustain energy levels constantly. It is always a great idea to keep snacks as healthy as possible. Choose a healthy snack that is whole grain and real food so that you may not fall into grabbing those unhealthy potato chips or sugary snacks that will slow you down and drain the energy you store for the day.

    These 15 healthy snack ideas for work can help you out on planning what you can prepare to bring to your office or place of work.

    1. Nuts and dried fruits

    These are convenient healthy snacks that you can bring along with you. It can simply be placed inside your bags and be eaten at any time. Nuts like almond, walnuts, cashew, macadamia, and hazelnuts are highly nutritious. It contains protein, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E and selenium. Likewise, dried fruits like raisins, dates, figs, and apricots are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and minerals.


    2. Brown rice cakes


    This snack has all the health benefits of brown rice. They make a good snack because it is gluten-free, fat-free and have fewer calories. Brown rice being a whole grain provides complex carbohydrates for energy and antioxidant that keeps your cells healthy.

    3. Tuna pouches

    Tuna is a versatile food. You can make a snack out of it like making an avocado tuna spread for sandwiches; add on to you salads, stuffed eggs with tuna, and much more or you can enjoy it as it is. It is mess-free as it is vacuum-sealed. It is rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein, has a good amount of vitamin B12, B6, riboflavin, and niacin.


    4. Jerky


    For meat lovers out there, this snack is for you. Jerky is lean meat that has gone through a drying method to preserve it for a longer period. Jerky is a tasty snack that comes in varieties like beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon. It can satisfy your hunger during working hours or make you full until your next meal. It is loaded with omega 3, vitamin B12, choline, iron and a good source of protein.

    5. Greek yogurt

    This snack is packed with nutrients and an ideal snack for everybody. Greek yogurt is plain healthy and lactose- free so people with lactose intolerance can fully enjoy this snack. It comes with the power of protein, calcium, potassium, and probiotics that will keep you regular and your tummy happy.


    6. Edamame


    This type of snack is highly nutritious. Edamame is a whole immature soybean which is referred to as a vegetable type soybean. It is a handy snack you can bring to your office and munch easily once hunger strikes. It will keep you stable during workdays and provides you enormous health benefits like keeping your sugar level balanced, lower cholesterol, and reduce symptoms of menopausal for women.

    7. Popcorn

    This is an all-time favorite snack that everybody loves. It is a type of whole grain corn kernel that becomes soft and fluffy when heated. It provides a nutritional benefit such as high in fiber, low in fat and sugar, and contains no cholesterol. It will be a great way to incorporate it to your healthy snacking while working to take advantage of all its nutrients.


    8. Baked veggies chips


    Make snacking healthy by avoiding reaching for high sodium and sugary snacks and turn to baked veggies. Baking veggies chips are a delightful food to snack even if you’re not a fan of vegetables. It gives out good flavors and doesn’t give any bloated feeling as when you reach out for junk food. Give it a go and enjoy its many benefits to keep you going during stressful work.

    9. Spiced cashews

    Another way of great snacking is spicing up a cashew nut. They have a distinct crunchiness, savory taste, and just an overall easy healthy plant-based snack. Same with other nuts, cashews have lots of good stuff such as vitamins and minerals that support immunity and healthy blood. Munch it during office breaks and enjoy this healthy snack together with your officemates.


    You can’t go wrong when you pick seasonal fruits as your snack to bring to your office. It’s flavourful, colorful, fresh and budget-friendly. Seasonal fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. It gives out essential nutrients to keep up with your day to day grind. Go ahead and be creative with your combination of fruits to create naturally gorgeous snacks.

    11. Salad pots – Go green and healthy with your snack by giving salad pots a try. This snack is a layer of fresh and natural green leafy vegetables in containers. It will keep you on the go when feeling slow and sluggish at work plus enjoy the added benefits of weight loss and improved overall health.

    12. Chia pudding – A sweet treat with a healthy twist for a snack is what chia pudding brings to satisfy your taste buds as well as your hunger. Chia is a soluble fiber that is good at controlling cholesterol levels and will keep you regular. Create a chia pudding by mixing chia with any liquids like almond, cashew or coconut milk. Sweeten it with maple syrup or honey. It’s that easy and you’ll have a snack that will keep you up and running doing your work.

    13. Green smoothies –Blending a combination of green fruits and vegetables for a snack gives out all the right nutrients. It is easy to make, delicious and can help out in losing those extra pounds. It will give you a winning fight against lethargy, sluggishness, and weakness as you go about doing your job.

    14. Seaweed snacks - This snack has an impressive nutritional profile. It has a wide array of vitamins and minerals, rich in protein and you can feel full on fewer calories. Grab yours at leading Asian groceries or health food stores.

    15. Roasted chickpeas. – Nibble away with this delightful crunchy roasted snack of chickpeas that can satisfy cravings without wrecking your healthy diet. Chickpeas are a superfood and a great source of plant-based protein along with fiber, phosphorous and B vitamins.

    Try all these amazing healthy snacks to get you on the right track performing your duties with ease and confidence to keep you in tip-top form.

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